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September 21, 2009


I love visiting every day for a little injection of colour and beauty and inspiration, and just a little reminder that the things I love are also loved by others.

A visit here is always a bright spot in the day,so thankyou, Jane, for continuing to provide that as often and as beautifully as you do.

And I love dropping by for regular doses of inspiration.

Congratulations! Your blog is my color and creative inspiration; such beautifully written posts and delightful photos. Thank you!


Your blog is beautiful! It is so full of colour and life!

I check every day to see if you have "blogged" and am really disappointed if there isn't even a photo!Keep blogging Jane.We love it.

Have just had a mid-morning marmalade hit! Very enjoyable. I've just done my 300th post and am still getting to grips with the whys and wherefores(?) of blogging, what it means, what it's for, why I do it etc. Part of it is definitely to trot around and have a look at the talent and gorgeousness that abounds in the interweb - not least yours!

We love to drop by and see you, too. :) I come here to be reminded of the joy in simple things, and am never disappointed. My only regret is that I don't comment more often!

Community I think, blogging is about community. And any good community needs signposts and vistas, for me yours is just such a place. Thank you Jane.

Mmmm....marmalade buns!

Your blog is virtual sunshine everyday - I love popping by to be cheered up and seek inspiration! x

Thank YOU. I have been following your blog for around the past 2 years and your site is one of the few I bookmark and check regularly. It is full of thought and beauty. And lovely knitting, crocheting, quilting, and yummy food. It's a privilege and I appreciate your efforts.

Well, I think, YOU are marvelous!!!!!

Ditto to all the above. Your blog is a highlight of each day!

I love reading your interesting blog. I have it bookmarked! I was once scared of leaving a comment because I felt I wasn't articulate enough, but I now leave comments!

Hi. I am fairly new to this blog but love it, the images,colours, words just make my day. Where can i find the recipe for the orange buns shown? Thanks, D.

We love having you here too! xxx

I made some whisky marmalade earlier, so I'm now thinking about Whisky Marmalade buns. Mmmm

I really enjoy reading your blog. I have only just found it recently, but I am never disappointed. Thanks for making it such a lovely place to visit.

I would love to hear your thoughts on blogging. I always enjoy your blog. A x

Well, I didn't even know what a blog was until I read your wonderful book about a year ago! But you piqued my curiosity, and so I chose to follow your shining example - thank you for the inspiration!

Pomona x

I have been blogging way long, such as yourself, and get VERY LITTLE comments. Go figure. I'm not sure how people get like 100 comments. hmmm. I've even had giveaways, only like 20 people will join in. dunno

Thank you for writing here, and for displaying your photographs. I love reading your blog over here in Los Angeles.


For a moment there, I thought you were quitting and that would have been THE Saddest Thing. I.too, come here daily for your beautiful and refreshing words, images, projects, the gardening and the baking and glimpses of your family life. Thank you for sharing so much with us.

Keep blogging! Your ability to see beauty in the little things in life always inspires me. Your ability to capture it in a photograph amazes me.

Dear Jane,

Just a glimpse every few days at your pictures and words always help smooth my ruffled feathers. In days gone by and in present times a woman's life is often busier than we would wish but you manage to slow it down and inject colour and simplicity with a few words and pictures.

Tnak you

I love visiting and hope to be coming back for at least 4-1/2 more years!

I think that a blog has to be both visually good and well written - which is why I enjoy yours. It is beautiful to look at, but also thought through (and spelt correctly). I have been reading most days for 3 ish years I think.

Just wanted to join everyone else and say how much I enjoy your blog it's always the first one I read,keep up the good work.


Thank YOU Jane!! Visiting your blog is always a treat. You've helped me look at simple things in a different light and have inspired me to take photos to record day-to-day things around me, especially my ever changing garden. This gives me a huge amount of pleasure and satisfaction.

I don't often comment (because you have so many comments) but I am a loyal follower. Look forward to your views on the experience of blogging.

Love your blog and your photos. Am new to blogging myself- just 4 days in :)

Your blog is a little bit of happiness, delivered fresh and free. I love it!

ps Any recipe for the marmalade buns with juicy icing? Even if calorific, they sound delicious!

Your blog is among 4 that I visit each day. Your photos and posts are interesting and beautiful. I have enjoyed my alomost 3 years of visiting with you.

Merci, for all your blogging efforts!

I read your blog every day, and it makes my life seem so much more picturesque and civilized than it actually is. So thank you!

I love to visit every few days but always feel like so many others comment that you don't need mine! Well this has broken that habit!

And it's joy to visit you!

I'm a fan of this blog too....BUT I am more interested to ascertain that you were KIDDING when you said these were calorie-free, weren't you?? If not, and if you're serious, we need to know the recipe!!! Looks wonderful, that cake!

Happy 4 1/2 year anniversary! You are one of my top three daily visits, and I echo the sentiments above...you have helped me feel good about my joy in the "domestic arts". Socks are a passion for me, and I look forward to your knitting book.
Be blessed,
Donna in Kirkland, Wa

Thank you Jane. The colour of that marmalade icing - yum! Your blog has always been my favourite and first visit - beautiful to look at and beautiful to read. You are such an inspiration to me.
(I didn't comment on your previous post - most people had already said what I would have said but : how mean, and who cares what she thinks!?).

I love your blog and have one of your books now. I have been lurking since the beginning and often recommend your site to my sister (who now lives in the UK) for holiday inspirations. As others have said, I love the colours and photography, particularly as its always in exactly the opposite season to New Zealand.

Wow time flies ... I have probably been reading you almost from the start. Congrats on staying with it.
Love the joyful explosion of colour in most posts, cake recipes, photo's of England and most of all the flowers. You have a wonderful way of making the simplest of flowers look glorious.

Thank you indeed! I tend not to comment, but do urge you to continue! my little domestic fripperies are small indeed, compared to your beautiful, color-drenched posts, but you encourage me to bigger, bolder, and brighter. Also write more books.

I'm about to become a blogger, being inspired by yours and several other favorite blogs. Love the color, and the variety of topics.

The feeling is very much mutual!

I love visiting as well, now if I could only taste some of your tempting sweets...

Like one of your previous comments I only discovered you blog earlier this year.I found your book in a wonderful quilting bookshop we have in Wellington, NZ.From there I discovered your web site and blog. I had never used one previously.
I love your blog and look forward to each entry. I find you so inspirational and I nearly always visit the web sites you name. I met my husband in England so I love hearing and seeing all your wonderful photos. I was so disappointed to discover that I couldn't see the earlier postings you did in previous years.

Thank you Jane for giving me so much inspiration.I didnt consider my hobbies as anything other than a pastime until I found your blog and then your books.I am English but live in the Med where sewing ,knitting and crochet do not seem to be the norm and I am looked at rather strangly.I visit every time I get to the computer and often leave with an uplifted heart.

Love the blog - even though it makes me feel a total domestic failure.

Damn you and your talents!

Jane,your blog brightens my day, i love it!! When life is so hurried its so lovely to see someone else appreciate real earthy treasures, cooking, sewing, gardening i love it all thank you so much!!

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