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October 19, 2009


So very envious! I've been eyeing Peggy's workshops for quite a while now. And your cookies look marvelous. K x

What fun! I think I like your haunted house the best, and Phoebe's spider in the web is great, too. The ghosts are pretty fun, too.

What a lovely idea, I have most of those cookie cutters I wonder if I could do some at home.
Mr friend (Fancy Nancy) is doing the Christmas cookies for Harvey Nicks this year, she has just done the school run covered in sugar sparkles!

Oh, terrific! I look forward to seeing more.

They are really great, I rather like the queasy looking cat in the top picture.
Love the thought of Fancy Nancy baking for Harvey Nicks...so glam.

She does workshops?!?!? Now that sounds like an amazing idea for one of my friend's birthday presents. And of course I might have to go with her, just to make sure she enjoys herself of course!

What fun! I love that you do these classes as mother/daughter. I'm sure Chloe would love that, if we could only get to London. I haven't seen any classes like that around here!

Oh how swwet! (Literally!) the broomstick is by far the cutest.

Wow! Those are uber cool ... but my computer has no umlaut!
The Susan Hill book caught my eye (primarily because Howards End is one of my favourite novels) and I've just looked it up on Amazon. 'Twil have to be purchased, and I might even try the challenge ......

How much fun, sounds like you guys had a blast. What a great day for the two of you.

I'll be putting this post up for my boys to see tomorrow, and they will be every bit as rapt as me!

What fun! I love the haunted house. I'll have to take a look at one of her courses!

How ghoulishly festive! That sounds like fun.

Sounds like a prefect day, just the sort of thing I'd love to do with my Phoebe (6 months) when she's older, of course! x

These are so colourful and fun! Gets you right into the Halloween mood! You must have had a marvellous time! So lucky! xxx

Those look spookaliscous! What a wonderful birthday idea too! I'm taking notes for when my own daughter is old enough to enjoy something like this!

My brother was born early on Nov. 1, and has always felt he should have arrived a few hours sooner....

Happy Birthday, Phoebe!

spooky stuff Jane!

Sooooo pretty, Jane! Did you actually do all of these? Can you actually replicate them at home for Halloween or does the process require special utensils. Again, very cute!

What a (trick or) treat!

They look great - will you both be making some more for Halloween proper? x

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