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October 16, 2009


I have just last night read an article about Best of Suffolk in a housey magazine- with glorious photo spread of the house in Aldeburgh they renovated to hire and ended up living in. Lucky you! In same magazine discovered notonthehighstreet.com All very useful for future reference!

It looks like a wonderful, relaxing time. So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

Looks and sounds heaven. Hope the weather was kind all the way through your weekend. We're having a lot of weather at the moment here in Norfolk, and it's not nice!

I am delightfully jealous...as always!

All looks lovely.

Is my part of the world - just a couple of miles away. I guess we take forgranted what is on our own doorstep.

Hope you called in for fish&chips too :)

oh how I love Eric Newby. Have you read any of his others?

Did you enjoy Something Wholesale? I heard it first being read on the radio, thought it was amusing, but was disappointed when I read it myself. His other books are far more interesting in my opinion.

i loooove burts crisps!!

Thank you for the vicarious delight! Wonderful.

Have you seen 'Modern Delight' recently published by Faber and Faber at £10 in aid of a dyslexia charity? It's based on J B Priestley's 1949 book, and is obviously a modern version. Only available at Waterstones.

What a lovely retreat and what blue sky!

Love the picture pf the cloud bank! Now I'll have to look up those books - sounds like an idyllic three days!

O fab - more book suggestions...most useful & generally interesting.

that second picture is so captivating to me tonight... it all sounds so wonderful!

You take the best vacations, Jane! I would have loved to be there. Maybe, some day...

Jane, the first picture is absolutely stunning. It reminds me of Edward Hopper's paintings, somehow. Lovely!

We book our holidays with them, too. And of course I have you to thank for introducing us to Aldeburgh in the first place!

I love those photographs...especially the one of the partial house shot and and background clouds. It makes one think that is the only house around for miles and miles...very cool.

Oh that is so beautiful! There actually exist places not drenched by rain and suffocated by clouds :)

What a lovely 'delightful' holiday. I am very jealous! I love the photos too - such a beautiful blue sky! xxx

Looks lovely. Who would have thought the East Coast of England could look so inviting (speaking as a Lincolnshire lass). I love the duck egg blue door.

Someone else who reads Susan Hill! Her early books are my favourites, and her Magic Apple Tree is lovely (part cookbook, part autobiography). She has also written some teenage fiction, that according to my partner's 15 year old, was very good.

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