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October 07, 2009


Those are fantastic photos, thanks for sharing them. i love the colours of the buildings in the first one.

Jane, I've lived in Manhattan for nearly 25 years, and it is interesting to see how you've captured the views that I see every day. Thanks for the photos!

Am very jealous of anyone travelling to NYC. How do you catalogue/sort your photos? Organising them so that I can find them again is something I struggle with.

Gorgeous. I've never been and am desperate to!

Although you now have me intrigued as to why you are trawling old photos!

Oooh, it's windy here today! Tell him to hang on tight and put weights in his pockets.

I love the photos. I do hope you'll be getting a nice gift from a lovely fabric store in Soho! A x

Hi Jane~
Great photos! I borrowed your book from the library today and have blogged that i will be buying a copy because it is so beautifully written~ I need a copy to keep~ Thanks for the inspiraton!!


Oh, choices, choices, I know, I know...!! LOL!
Love the pics, especially the first one. As fantastic and artistic feats as modern buildings are, there will always be something so charming about old brick buildings in the city...

I like this post - I feel the same when I scroll through all my photos - I take way too many -so thank goodness for digital otherwise I'd have a room full of boxes by now! Lovely pics of Manhattan - will have to go there one day... xxx

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