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October 12, 2009


Your top picture reminds me of some spiderwebs my daughter and I spied yesterday. There were about twenty of them all over an old christmas tree someone had planted in their front garden. The whole tree was draped in sparkly webs, just think in a couple of months we will be trying to make our christmas trees sparkle when nature can do such a good job by itself x

What a beautiful web, I love how it sparkles. The cake decorating course sounds fun, I love the cakes. What a nice way to spend a day with your daughter.

That's when a good camera really pays for itself. Lovely pictures. Shame to eat the cakes...

British spiders must be more talented than their American cousins! what a lovely picture!

You both had a nice day, mother and daughter time, that is lovely. Did you get to take the cakes home? Real spider webs look so pretty when it has been raining.

I confess to making my 11 y.o. face her spider fear because UK spiders are probably less harmful to our helath than a nice plate of those yummy looking spider cakes.

I don't mind spiders, but I'm afraid of birds. Weird, I know.

I don't mind spiders...I am the spider getter outer in this house (hubby hates them!). Unfortunately I am definitely NOT afraid of cakes as my hips can testify!

I can't STAND spiders! Even worse Daddy Long Legs, both completely harmless and yet I am jelly in front of them! I do however brave my fears to take pictures of dew/rain bejewelled webs. I have a thing about those! Your one is very Charlotte!

Lovely photo and yummy-looking cakes... from Argentina with admiration and love (and universal fear of spiders!).

I never understand how those with harmless spiders can still find them scary. I don't really mind the ones we get, and in Australia there is at least an excuse for the worry...

That made me laugh! I am definitely not scared of cakes, and don't mind harmless spiders and their beautiful webs at all, but I will admit I have a particular fear of the scariest Australian variety, the funnel web spider. It looks like you had lots of fun at the workshop - just in time for Halloween. I love the Oscar the Grouch-ish one (?), very cute.

The picture of the spider web is lovely. I do not like being close to spiders though. I will have some kind of fit of one gets on me.

Your cakes look like they were fun to make.

nice photography...shame about the spiders ;-)

Wow that web look amazing. I don't like spiders (yikes) but they are neat from far away.

Like Cashmere Librarian I too have a bird phobia, mainly about budgies, but also much affected by pigeons. I guess everyone has their fears. Fear of Cake though? I don't know maybe it's fear of calories!

Scared of cakes? Who could be scared of cakes? Though maybe it's a phobia I should work on cultivating if I wish to remain on the right side of curvy!

I love spiders. I always try to encourage people to not kill them and to simply scoop them up and put them back outside if they find them in the house. I made my boyf promise to do this after he killed one once in front of me. I was seriously displeased!

I'm guessing that "scared of cakes" is a comment about all the health-news stories? Or do we only get the "be very, very scared of food" stories on this side of the Atlantic?

(I have to admit some weariness with the obesity-scare stories that dominate the health news here)

I'm with fillyjonk. Any primary School that has to switch from full fat to semi-skimmed milk, at every age, because of anti=obesity guidelines hasn't met my sons' health visitor and her centile charts or borne her wrath. Sorry, was that a rage against the Nanny State? We love cakes! And we're definitely not obese!

Love the spider web and the spider cake!!

That spider photo is the most stunning thing I've seen in weeks! Thank you for giving my eyes such a treat!

We have spiders exactly like that here in California! It's an orb weaver, I think. We call them pumpkin spiders here, I think because of their striped legs and because they seem to suddenly get a lot bigger in October.

LOL, what a funny post! :-)

Hasn't it seemed like there have been more spiders around this autumn? I kept passing a spiderweb on my way too and from work that was quite amazing. Everytime I passed Mr Spider was there making it bigger and bigger. I had meant to take a picture of it, but this morning the rain had washed it away.

What amazing cupcakes - they look fabulous!

That's a gorgeous photo! American spiders scare me, but cakes of any nationality never do.

I love spiders, so much so I'm currently writing a biography of Martin Lister, the very first arachnologist. He was also the first conchologist, a royal physician to Queen Anne and one of the first members of the Royal Society. He discovered ballooning spiders which shoot their silk in the air, so the silk can catch air currents and they can "fly" covering distances of up to 200 km. A few dozen of those spider cakes for my book launch next year are definitely in order...what lovely designs you have!

I'm not particularly frightened of either spiders or cakes ....but spiderey cakes are very unsettling !!

Cakes leap out and land on your hips. They are hard to shake off.

I do wish I loved spiders but I am terrified of them. We do have rather large and poisonous ones in Australia however. I love making cakes with my daughter! xx

Very nice spider picture. Looks like the one who spent the summer trying to trap me each morning by weaving a new web across the top of my outside steps.

Spiderwebs with dew are so lovely!!! And when my elder daughter was Pheobe's age, she would get me out of bed to remove a spider from her room, so I understand that, too! I do love the creative way both of you have with cakes!!

Beautiful spiderweb beautifully photographed.

I'm Australian and I don't mind our nasty little spiders. I'll quite happily catch them in the house and let them go (in the garden).

Remember - they're only poisonous if they bite you!

Love the picture of the web, shame about the creature in it! I love reading your blog and wonder how you find the time to do all that you do!! Would you be willing to share your marmalade cup cake recipe with me, the one looked so delicious!!? Keep up the good work.

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