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November 03, 2009


Was it Brigitte Bardot who said that after a certain age a woman has to choose between preserving her face or her bottom? No contest in my case either!

Oh Jane, I have been on a forced diet since June-not by choice you see-that never works, but due to illness. Dietary changes bring a grateful heart as there is still something left to eat when you drop off red meat, all dairy products-butter on toast, sour cream, chocolate, coffee, (oh I do long for chocolate and hope I will heal), wine.....but I have plowed thru lots of knitting and lost at least 25 lbs, and gone down a size in clothing. That alone is great.New clothes! I could not do it on my own. So I understand your plight.I have gone the Vegan, Vegetarian way for awhile with chicken breast and shrimp added in sometimes, with good homemade soups to fill the gap. Best of luck in your choices....my friend gave me a necklace that I wear to remind me to make wise choices, particularly when I do wish to break loose.

I've heard about some folks who will knit while walking. And knitting itself does burn SOME calories. Besides, chocolate and cary grant are well worth it.

Just eat the chocolate. Life's too short. Right?

But knitting is exercise, isn't it? I wonder if some stitches burn more calories than others? I think cables and moss stitch must be more energetic and easily deserving of Violet Creams. On the other hand, intarsia must be pretty healthy because all that time spent with your hands tangled up in different colours stops them from reaching for the chocolate.

oh the thought of restricting yourself to only a pair of small jeans sends shivers down my spine... stretchy clothes all the way... we all need to give a little!

I love the idea of fat being gained by pleasure or expense but if you could just explain how you lost more weight after having your little ones....

I think that you're older and wiser now and that you will continue to find the right balance between eating and moving. After all, you have to keep up your strength for sustained knitting.

When it comes to Rose and violet cremes there is no contest... They look wonderful. As does your book cover, can't wait till March.

Definitely option a. As for the rose and violet cremes, they look divine. I've never tried them but have always meant to, especially given that two of my three daughters' names are Violet May and Ruby Rose. You've inspired me to buy a box this weekend - a birthday present to myself . . .

Oh sigh... I would love some rose and violet cremes and to be sitting about knitting and watching movies! As it is, I am more often doing a snow-shuffle to class :/


Given that I am in the middle of a diet and hating it I would say throw caution to the wind!!! Eat plenty of chocolates for me!

Those chocolates are beautiful, I don't know how anyone could resist. I finally received your two new books and am working my way through them and absolutely loving them. There is definitely going to be some baking here soon.

Well, choice a) is the obvious one...I would keep well away from the second option - it sounds too cruel. Looking forward to the book!

Health and weight are two very different things. Focus your eating on health. The important thing is to get enough proper nutrition, not to worry about what you pile on on top of that. Lack of good stuff hurts your body more than too much bad. And make sure you get some exercise - something brisk everyday and most days over half an hour of it.

Finally found a doctor who told me to aim for health not thinness and it has been wonderful.

Is it crazy that I'm already jumping up and down with impatience to see the knitting book?

I think you made the right decision. :)

Can I join you?

I'm glad your good sense (and good taste) won over; it is really only sensible to enjoy this stage, as you have earned it fully!

Oh I know this sounds boring, but there is a middle ground! As I hit my 50's I've been trying to keep to that, enjoying good food and wine, and also enjoying walking outside. You can do this also, without having to resort to the dreaded tracksuit bottoms! So remember, a little chocolate, a little knitting, a little walking. You can do it!

Something in between might work, too.

Inside I am laughing because I am sitting here reading this in my track suit bottoms after just having consumed (only half of) a chocolate bar. Taking a break from my crochet (a newly acquired skill about which I am very excited).

Your rose and violet creams look so lovely they make me want to weep. I would love to get my hands on some of those.

In this, I felt you already made your mind up when I started to read option B. Then, of course, I found you had. I agree that there should be no tormenting yourself with too small clothing. It just does no one in the entire house any good... well at least that is the case in this house. I am trying to fight the expanding rear, and I think I am getting an elliptical for Christmas to help aid me in the fight. Perhaps I can knit while using that!

I eat a lot and move about a lot. Pass me a rose cream please there's a lot of ironing to get through.

Maybe you should just buy an exercise bike and knit and peddle and eat all you want while watching? But that sounds pretty challenging...

Knitting book? Oh yes. I am so excited and will be eagerly awaiting the pre-order notice.

As for weight - I lean towards the healthy vs the weight. Enjoy with moderation

A wise friend once told me that calories ingested while working didn't count :-)

I would be totally committed to eating violet creams! I've tried to find violet flavouring for ages - do you know of anywhere that sells it?

Rose and Violet creams win anyday!!!!!! Cant wait for the book Jane!!!!

Wriggle your toes and fidget a bit - people who fidget are thinner! And knitting uses up more calories than watching television - I'd say no to trackie bottoms on the grounds of taste and style, but you could always walk and knit like those (I think it was Scottish knitters) who would walk along knitting with a basket on their backs while the bairns picked the potatoes and tossed them into the basket!

Pomona x

Chocolate, Cary Grant, and Knitting???? Let me see...I think I'd be going to get those track suits if I were you. Enjoy!

'a', it has to be 'a' - oh how I long for 'a'! It's my dream for when I retire and hang up my teaching hat.

Oh! I meant to tell you, Jane -- I saw the larger-than-life cover of your quilt book on the side of Anova's stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair. I was so happy for you! Yay.

At last - my widening bum explained. And all this time I thought knitting and sewing were exercise.
Cast on and bring me the Violet Crumble.
(I might get that printed on a T-shirt ...)

Well, Jane, there is a pleasurable and moderate middle there, a balance, somewhere. And when you find it, please let me know.

I have been known to 1) walk and knit and 2) exercise on my elliptical machine and knit.

Jane, the book cover looks wonderful. Congratulations!

or find the middle way?

Those are my favorite wool colors, pink and violet (plus blue of course). Chocolate is one of life's essentials - continue to enjoy!

The London Knitting Stitching Show you were talking about only hightlit, for me, the need for to keep active as a knitter. And not just by carrying bagfuls of yarn.

Hmm, seeing all the lovely, but often overweight women at the Knitting and Stitching Show, (myself included) makes you realize what a sedantary occupation knitting is! What I want to know is does your new quilt book cater adequately for complete beginners? Tried to make a small sample piece, couldn't believe how AWFUL it was... Not sure where I went wrong, but the square sizes were all over the place, and I managed to lose 2.5 cms between one end and the other. I cut out carefully with rotary cutter, but think some problems happened when I turned the squares round to piece. Clearly my sewing needs some attention too, because the measuring out was carefully done.

good choice. i'd rather endure almost anything than too tight jeans.

also, a little weight makes one look much younger!

Hi Jane, I have wondered for some time now how your whole family manage to keep the weight off, as weekend after weekend we are treated to photos of the most delicious looking biscuits and cakes on your website! I drool over them, but put on enough weight without baking a biscuit! (Oh, and what date is this much-looked-forward-to quilting book coming out?)

I wanted to order some as they appear to be special and delicious but by the time I converted pounds to dollars - way too high over my limit for 20 small chocolates - no matter how special. Couldn't find them on the USA site anywhere. Bummer.

I aim for balance (at least in my head): I run midday, thus splitting up the luxury of any day that I have the pleasure of gluing my bottom to the chair and eating goodies and drinking tea. The Puritanical demands of running outside (esp as winter comes) makes the joy of indulgence that much more wonderful.

Tight jeans and knitting? NEVER!

I try to exercise 1/2 the time that I put into my knitting. ! hour knitting means 1/2 hour on my bike or a hike. Works for me!

I can see the pleasure of knitting, watching a good film and eating chocolates....once in a while! That is what to me makes it special and enjoyable. I would incorporate nice walks and lovely stews and roast vegetables if it was to be a long term project. But that is me.....Many congratulations on your books and blog. How wonderful to have so many projects and be so good at them. Ah! If only I could....

Nice post, I always need to socialize and you have good travel sense, I definitely advise independent travel. This summer after university I traveled for 2 weeks with a friend to Italy, Greece & Serbia. Then I traveled for 4 weeks by myself (I'm 20 years old), continuing through Eastern European countries, and ending in France before flying back to London. There were many times that I did not have anyone to speak with because I could not speak the native language, but I was able to enjoy the culture even more.

Best Regards,

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