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March 11, 2010


They sure are beautiful, shame they don't last.

You're right - I've had cyclamens and begonias that have lasted for ages, but my primulas always die so quickly. It has always made me feel inadequate!

I have a pot of primulas either side of my front door and they've been gorgeous for weeks! They really cheer me up every time I come home to my front door.

I thought that it was my lack of skill with plants. But in reality it might be that I haven't a single window facing the sun in my apartment.

What a lovely photo!

Gorgeous photo! In Maine I have bought supermarket primulas and planted them out with success. To my surprise and delight.

I always thought I was killing those beautiful garden plants. Perhaps the best thing would to be to buy and plant late in the season. Many thanks for the pretty colors!

Gosh, I didn't know Primulas were delicate. I've plunked those in pots by the front door and then ignored them (that is my general strategy with plants).

They were always so happy. They also came back year after year which I know is strange. Maybe they just really like a certain soil or something. I was living in an area surrounded by pine trees. Is that acidic soil?

Everyone of your posts are 'proper'ly enjoyable.

And they're so pretty in the store! The garden centers here in the U.S. are often oversold and overshadowed by what we (not fondly) call "big box" stores, which have a tendency to sell things out of region ("Ozark Beauty" strawberries for Colorado, for example). I can see a gorgeous quilt inspired by that box of primulas...

I want to say 'Harrumph', because I work in a garden centre, but I will restrain myself as this is my first comment here. But I do love the rogue Primula 'Wanda' and the urge to reach in and move it to its rightful station... unless of course it is the last one. Many thanks to you and your camera. This website is pure balm.

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