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March 19, 2010


I visited the Henry Moore exhibition at Tate Britain recently and am looking forward to wading my new stack of library books about him and his contemporaries. Am looking forward to learning much more about that period. PS: have ordered the quilt book - suspect the library pile may have to be renewed once that arrives!

I am still curious as to what Blackburns mirror tree's are all about...
we have had a rash of panopticans in the north west, one of the best being the 'singing ringing tree' in Burnley http://www.visitburnley.com/countryside/SingRing.php
that is best visited in high wind!


I'm very fond of that sculpture too, sadly it never compensates for being on Oxford Street in the first place... Did you see Moore at Kew? That was *brilliant*.

Not so much intended for the public at first, but the story and sculptures of Helen Martins have always touched me. I've been to her house in Nieu Bethesda in the dry Karoo in SA many times and every visit leaves me inspired and determined to "embellish" my environment as much as I please! http://www.owlhouse.co.za/ Maybe you know her story through Athol Fugard's play, The road to mecca.

I saw the scallop last autumn and I quite like it. I can see why some people might dislike it, but it's quite an interesting sculpture, and it's really nice that you can walk up to it to touch it and really get a feel for what it's all about.

The Scallop is one of my favourites too. Very much looking forward to the quilt book Jane. I'm not a quilter but your colours and designs could convert me.

Have you visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park? Lots to see but my absolute fave is a series of Barbara Hepworth 'figures' placed on the side of a hill called The Family of Man or something similar. For some reason they bring a lump to my throat everytime I see them.

More Hepworth free to see (if you're a resident of Cornwall) this month - Tate St Ives is free to residents of Cornwall this month - yipppeeeeee!

Despite growing up in Cornwall and spending half my life in the St Ives area I am ashamed to say I never visited BH house and garden - it was always left for later, that thing of taking for granted what is on your doorstep! - we are back over Easter and I am determined now to take the children and see what we have been missing! Thank you :D

I can confirm that The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is indeed the most wonderful setting for a lot of Hepworths and many other wonderful sculptures - a great day out and it has a fantastic cafe too!

i loved zennor and it's bleakness when i stayed there too. do you know the work of patrick heron? he lived in zennor too

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