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March 17, 2010


What fun Jane!!!! Cant wait for my booK!!!!

Wow! How fun! Makes me want to see the book all that much more! A book store here...Atlanta GA...said it wouldn't be available until May. sigh I really hope they're wrong.

How exciting! I's be quite happy being a shoot stylist for the rest of my days, I think. (Oh, and I love those fairground lights!)

Oh they are just stunning! I can't wait to see some in the flesh soon!

I can hardly wait to get the book, and savor the colors.

getting very excited about the book. Have sent you an email.

How exciting for you, I don't blame you at all for taking tons of pics, what fun. Such pretty colours, I really can't wait to see the book.

more, more, more. . .

Such a lovely post! Congratulations on the book--I am not a quilter, but may become one!

Getting this book for my birthday next week - can't wait :)

I am so excited about this book - I just can't wait!!
(like you're not?)

How exciting, a photo shoot. How much more exciting to have your book published!

Jane, I absolutely love these photos. It's always a pleasure stepping into your world.
This is the first time I've ever commented on someone's blog by the way, a big moment for me!
Congratulations on your latest book. It looks stunning.

Ahhh, thanks once again Jane - this is a fascinating insight into a process I have often wondered about, and is basically what I hope my final Major Project to be.


swoon—what a location!! i cannot wait to see the book. i love getting a behind-the-scenes preview.

This is the trouble with the internet! I have just spent 45 minutes of my life browsing beautiful locations and admiring the work of photographers and stylists. Thanks for the links!
ps The book looks great,too

Thatr sounds really exciting - can't wait for the book.

How exciting. Your family must be so very proud. What a fabulous role model you arex

Fascinating place, Jane! And as always with your blog--so much color! Love it!

Hello Jane

I was just thinking - that looks like the venue for a Vogue shoot and then you said it was. Great venue, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's fun to see fabrics in completely different environments.
The first couple of images reminded me of Tim Walker pics. I have to thank you for listing his book as one of your current reads the other week. I have been a fan of his for years. I saw all the hype last year about his exhibition (alas I live too far from London)and his new book. It looked wonderful but I couldn't really justify the 70 quid. Then when you had it on your booklist I looked at it again and lo, it has been reduced, on a well known online retailer, to 42 quid. That's still a lot for a book, but I took the plunge. Am waiting for delivery. Exciting!
Obviously the next book on my 'to buy' list will be your quilt one. I made a quilt for our sofa based on the chocolate box quilt you showed on the blog a couple of years ago. I'm really pleased with it - all warm pinks, fuscias, caramels and browns in small print patterns.
Congratulations on the book -it must be selling well, it was out of stock last time I looked.

Oh I can't wait for my book, it's on amazon pre order! Looks amazing, lucky you! I'm sure you're planning to go, but I did think of you at the V&A Quilts exhibition preview yesterday ( blogged for a sneak preview), especially the exploration of quilting, domesticity and women, really thought provoking, you'd love it!

Thanks for the peek into the making of the "new baby!" I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Oh my goodness Jane, the photographs are breathtaking, cannot wait to see the book, it looks like the stylist and photographer were very much in tune with you.

Oh how I would've given anything to have been a fly on the wall for that photo shoot, you know. . . . What an incredible afternoon that must have been.

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