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March 12, 2010


Many congratulations Jane - this is another great achievement of yours. Your creativity, productivity and sheer ability to make something actually happen are truly impressive. I have my copy on advance order at Amazon and hopefully it will arrive some time next week. Cannot wait! Enjoy this thrilling day.

Oh wow you must be so proud! Congratulations!

Jane, How wonderful! I just re-read your first Gentle Art book and was inspired all over again. I can't wait to sit and look through this next one.

These are just beautiful - you must be so pleased and proud, and rightly so. Congratulations! You're publishing in perfect time for the V&A's quilt exhibition which will undoubtedly trigger a new interest in quilting - we've already sold over 6,000 tickets and we don't open until next Saturday! I am definitely going to pick up a copy of your book, though I must finish my current quilt before starting any new projects!

Congatulations, Jane!
All editions are wonderful.

Mine's on pre-order at Amazon too....can I judge your book by its (various) covers and say that it looks wonderful?! I've been inspired in great part by your lovely blog to go on a beginners' evening class in quilting (at the fantastic Millie Moon shop in Frome, http://www.milliemoonshop.co.uk/), and I am having SO much fun! Off to the quilting exhibition at The American Museum in Bathhampton next.A whole colourful new world!

Congratulations Jane!!!My book is also on order from amazon, cant wait for it to drop through the letterbox!!!!!

Congratulations. The covers are so pretty. Can't wait to see the inside.

Congratulations, Jane. Delighted to see an Australian edition! The Penguin cover really captures your love of lush floral fabrics perfectly.

Congratulations Jane! You must be so thrilled and it looks so beautifully produced! xxx

How exciting! The book looks wonderful. Even though I live in the US, I much prefer the UK cover!Congratulations.

brava, jane! xoxo

Congratulations! I've been counting the days to its release, and have been rereading the first Gentle Art in the meantime.

Congratulations! I have so been waiting to get my hands on this book and seeing the cover (well covers) makes it even more real and closer to getting the real thing in my hands. :)

I preordered this book not knowing that it would be translated in Dutch.Never mind, all my other quilting books are in English too. I am so looking forward to recieving it.I think it will stand proudley next to all my 15 Kaffe Fassett books! Hope it will be a very succesful book. Not that I doubt that for a minute.

My daughters introduced me to The Gentle Art of Domesticity, which we all love. I look forward to this one, as well.

Strong work!

Huge congratulations! The book covers are stunning.

Jane, it's so exciting. You really must be proud, they all look wonderful. According to my pre-order, the book is coming out April 16th, and I can't wait. Well done, it looks fantastic.

Looks great, can't wait for my pre-ordered copy to arrive.

I can't wait to get my hands on this book. I can't wait to see all the amazing photos that will be there. Plus I enjoy ordering the UK version because I just like it better then the US version! I can't wait, better go pre-order.

Wonderful, congratulations, the covers - and I mean each and every single one! - look beautiful!

Congratulations, my copy is on pre-order with Amazon, I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Grrrr. You know why. Such are the vagaries of publishing. Still, looking forward to seeing it!

I'm so very excited about this! I recently read the Gentle Art of Domesticity and was greatly inspired by it.

Congrats on your new book!

Magic. Buy British I say.

HOw wonderful--I am enjoying The Gentle Art of Domesticity still. I try not to read more than one post at a sitting. It's a treat!

Looking forward to loving it. Just returned to sewing. I was just thinking how I love your blog when it makes me feel as if I'm travelling to your neighborhood. Maybe in your book tour, you could travel to ours.

oh congratulations! how neat!

Your new book looks beautiful..I'll be looking for it at my local Quilt Shop. I always enjoy your posts...
Thank you,
Val :-)

Way cool! I'm partial to the UK edition with the separate yellow belly-band and all-over quilt pattern. Stylish, unique, tasteful, and so you.

Congratulations! I can't wait to get my copy. I just re-read The Gentle Art of Domesticity this week.

I confess a real partiality to the UK edition, too, thought the American cover does appeal to my love of BLUE. Many congratulations -- in many languages!

Congratulations Jane! Seeing another one of you fabulous books in print is fantastic. I've just finished doing a quick review of your lovely "Cherry cake and ginger beer" over on my blog which was great fun to write as it had me baking up quite a few of your very tasty recipes :)

Congratulations! I'll be watching for it.

My, that is a very pretty book. Thank you for being a constant source of every day beauty.

Oh, I can't wait to get my copy! Congratulations on what looks like another gorgeous book!

Congratulations Jane. Inspiration and charm waiting for me. Thank you so much. Blessings on your continued writing and way of seeing.

I'm so happy for you. I so enjoy The Gentle Art of Domesticity and now I MUST have this gentle art book as well. Way to go! You spread sunshine, JB!

They are all lovely. Congratulations!

Many congratulations, Jane! It looks gorgeous, no matter the edition (or language!).

I can hardly wait. I have mine on pre-order from amazon.co.uk, so I expect it will be the British edition - great, because I love that cover!
Congratulations on yet another book, Jane!

Gefeliciteerd! (now you know three dutch words)

So gorgeous! I don't even quilt, but I'll buy it anyway to pass the time while eagerly awaiting your knitting book. :)

Bravo to you, Jane Brocket.

It is pretty fabulous to see the power of the Gentle Arts!



I can not wait for this one!!! Really looking forward to it and congratulations!

Simply amazing....4 editions at one blow! Congrtulations! Enjoy flotaing on that cloud of happiness a little longer.

Pre-ordered on Amazon the US copy and can't wait! Now I need to figure out how I can afford to quit my job so I have time to indulge in these lovely projects!

Congratulations! Beautiful covers, it's so interesting to see what different editions do with the cover...
btw,my first book debuts next month!

Congratulations Jane! Can't wait to see your new book...

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