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March 12, 2010


That's awesome Jane!!

I'm sure I will love it too - I preordered AGES ago and will now be waiting even more impatiently for its arrival. Congratulations! All the editions are beautiful.

If I were a Borrower, I would most certainly want to snuggle up inside the papery leaves of your book and pull the enchanting cover over myself for forty winks. Exciting news Mrs B, your industrious creativity continues to enthuse and inspire. Congratulations!

Hi Jane - wonderful amazing news - I will be ordering it also, in spite of being sooooo hamfisted with anything dainty and dangerous like a needle. I am so inspired by you and your ever gorgeous stunning publications, they hover around my house for everyone to pick up and be illuminated. My three year old twinnies also request to sit and look at all the pretty colours and want to have a patchwork quilt each to read their book beneath(I have promised by the time they get married they will each have one somehow cobbled together by moi. You are my heroine and I thank the day (night!) I serendipitously tuned in to Claudia Winkleman a couple of years ago and discovered Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer.
Byeeeeeeeeeeee x

Can't wait to get my copy - the feeling of getting your copies(especially in a foriegn language) must be amazing - congratulations!

I love the UK covers of both of your Gentle Art books and am hoping to be able to buy both here in the US or have them shipped. You have inspired me to make my first quilt!

What a marvellous feeling !! Congratulations !

Many HAPPY returns! I bought your first book and then discovered your blog (about 4 years ago). You are so talented. May you inspire lots and lots more people! And thank you for inspiring me. C

congratulations!!! I can't wait to get my hands on the US version.

Congratulations; can't wait to see inside the covers...

Lovely, Out May 17 here is the USA!

You are one of my heroes. Placed my Amazon.com US order. Now I just have to have patience.


Beautiful! Something to keep an eye out for next time I'm browsing the craft shelf in my favorite bookshop....







What a beautiful cover (s).
A L W AY S admiring your C R E A T I V E W O R K.

(typography inspired by herhimnbryn)

Rae Grant

Congratulations Jane! All of the covers are luscious...I can only imagine how spectacular the insides are going to be. What a thrill this must be for you!

belated but still hearty congrats -- can't wait to get a copy!

So many congratulations. Enjoy every single moment.

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