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March 20, 2010


This made me laugh because I'm also a Stockport girl. And my school also confiscated Jackie (I can't say its obsession with Boys corrupted me because I didn't know any, they might have been an endangered species!) Petticoat had to be hidden even from my mum, or she'd put it in the bin. I'm sure the nuns would have combusted if they could see today's teen mags! But as for witch hazel, that potent weapon in the war against spots - don't you remember Witch Doctor, which was a greenish gel that came in a tube. It was dabbed on my nose every morning before I caught the no9 bus to school. And they definitely sold it in Boots in Stockport! Despite local deficiencies of boyfriends/culottes/Biba boutiques and everything else I coveted from the pages of Jackie.

My mum used to make a concoction of rosewater and witch hazel to use as a toner: it smelled womderful! Witch hazel is apparently very good for bruises. Have you got any of the Jackie CD's? I had one for Mother's day from my son, and I think he's bitterly regretting his choice of gift, though I'm loving it!
Am awaiting the new book with interest.

One of your loveliest photographs ever. The colors (you can tell by the spelling that I'm American), the contrast in focus, and the depth are all wonderful. Thanks so much; I always look forward to your next photo and post.

I started with Diana too and you've just reminded me of Up to Date Kate!

How funny that you couldn't find it...where I live, you could fill a swimming pool with it if you wanted to do so. I regret to say that it solved none of my teenage problems, and it made my skin itch. I would much prefer to have the lovely plant, which I have never seen available at a nursery. Beautiful photograph.

I love the smell of witch hazel--and I used it for my skin when I was a teen. I'm not sure it did much good, but it was soothing, and did smell so refreshing. I've always preferred herbal scents over floral.

Ah, you've taken me back even further than teenage days....when I was 3 and at playgroup, if you scraped or bumped yourself they would put witch hazel on it. It was magic and would make you better, and you knew it was magic, because it was called WITCH hazel.

In Australia we had Dolly and my mother refused to let it in the house. Fortuately our friends' mother were not so strict.

Ah, witch hazel, rosewater, Anne French Cleanser and Miners make-up. I adored Diana and Jackie and believed everything I read in them! I've scoured the internet for 'up-to-date-Kate' before but never found anything.

Both the scent of witch hazel, the plant and the smell of witch hazel, the lotion kept on the pharmacy counter in Boots are something I love. Fresh, new, bright, crisp, clean, astringent...and great for bruises.
I was allowed Princess Tina after a great deal of pestering and thought it was the height of sophistication after having The Brownie in Junior school.

Oh Jane, how you brought back memories with all those magazine titles. My school, an old-fashioned co-ed grammar and usually very strict, didn't seem to object to comics and magazines - they were too busy trying to make us wear our hideous berets!
Definitely a dearth of witch hazel where I passed my teenage years in rural Essex, but trips.
back to Bristol to visit relatives meant I coulds usually find it in the more exciting shops. Love the smell of it, really evokes that time.

...hmm, remember Cathy and Claire problem page in Jackie? The first page I turned to each week... how to kiss properly and hopefully more!

I blogged recently about my new Witch Hazel plant called Diane - my name!! I too loved Diana and wore my hair just like Uptodate Kate. I also loved June & Schoolfriend and Bunty - whilst my sister subscribed to Bimbo magazine!!

Oh I remember Jackie so well, what a blast from the past. We used to sit in the locker room pouring over the problems page!

Surely the answer was always Clearasil! And caked on concealer.
Can't say I miss being a teenager!

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