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March 04, 2010


I can't believe A Single Man is hardly showing anywhere.
I can also hardly believe that that beautiful fabric shop and cake shop are so close to Spankarama in Soho!

What a nice day in London town! I'm in need of a trip to Berwick Street to look for wedding dress materials. Thanks for lots of nice ideas for where else to visit while I'm in Soho! x

I sneaked out to the cinema yesterday, too - I so much prefer going in the afternoon - thinking that The Last Station might not be around for too long. A Simple Man was last week's treat ... those pink Sobranie cigarettes! I haven't seen one for years.

I love your visits to London. They feel like I am on a little expedition too!

Sounds like a lovely day... I'm jealous! Glad you had a nice time though. A x

I saw A Single Man last Wednesday afternoon: it felt quite decadent! Fantastic clothes; what a lovely time to have lived. Next week The Lovely Bones: this could become a habit!

I'm so enjoying your visits to London. It's years since I was there but I'm still making a list of all those gorgeous places and shops you present to us, so that I will be ready next time!

I know I've written this before - at least twise ;-) - but you are better than Fodors. Better than Rick Steves....and....better than The Rough Guide.

Thank you thank you thank you for posting these lovely and frequent glimpses into "Discovered London" through your eyes. This is wonderful. :-)

I cant wait to get up to London again especially to visit the Geffrye museum. Can we please have the Jane Brocket guide to London published please? along with a knitting book along the lines of your new quilting book. I will be first in the queue to purchase both!

Ooh, I'm going to see the Irving Penn exhibition soon ! Glad to hear someone whose tastes I share liked it too !

I think you must go back and sample all those puddings - only for the sake of your readers curiosity and in the interests of rigorous research of course! What a wonderful display! I can't work out if they have a clever acrylic system or if the puddings are just levitating in beautiful ecstasy! Very good taste whether they taste good or not! t.x

Thanks for letting me come along for your wonderful excursion in London. I hope to visit there again sometime soon. I enjoy your blog very much, thank you!

I'd sure like to try one of those pastries. They look very "tasteful" indeed!

Lovely visit! Gorgeous flower shop.

have you been to mrs marengos on Lexington st? fabulous cup cakes... a few doors down from Mildreds veg restaurant. Oh and Berwick St silks the £50 I spent on blue velvet for scarf a year a go money well spent. And I too loved A Single Man quite surpassed my expectations.

Berwick Street is GREAT isn't it? I'll give you a tip though. That lovely stripey tie silk is available for a fraction of the price at the David Walters silk shop in Sudbury....get thee hence.

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