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May 05, 2010


Oh dear, I was duely tempted, Jane. Thanks so much for the tip and I can't wait for my very own tapestries to arrive!

They look great. I especially like the pear one. I seem to have a soft spot for pears, pears on pottery etc. Talking of tapestries have you read Tracy Chevalier's The Lady and the Unicorn about a 12thC(?) tapestry maker in Belgium and the famous tapestry whose name I can't remember. It is a facinating book with great detail about tapestry. I expect you might have read it as you're such a reader. If not try it. Karen x.

The trims are beautiful. The link to the leaf labyrinth is amazing! What a great way to make the simple, and seemingly unending, task of fall leaf raking more interesting... I hope I remember this idea in the fall.

I am happy you like them, Jane! I wish I had your gift with a camera -- lovely arrangements and photos. Thanks so much.

oh, no! I'm a goner! I adore jacquard ribbon, and I love how wide so many of these are (1.5 to 2 inches is my fav) and all those jewel tone colors...

Thank you for the link. I've added her to my Bloglines.

oh i love the cupcake one! so cute

Just ordered my ribbon, thank you Jane!!!

Think I've been tempted !

I'm sure I must need some of these, thanks for the link.

I can't believe I had to visit a blog in the UK to find out about such a great tapestry artist in my own backyard! (I live in Evansville, Indiana) Thanks so much for the link; I'll be sure to get to the museum in New Harmony to check out her work in person!

You can add me to the list of those who could not resist purchasing ribbon. I didn't know I really needed ribbon until I saw your post. Thank you.


These are so stunning! I bought some a few years ago and I never want to use them as they feel too precious. I just like looking at them.

Wish I hadn't seen that, ordered $50.00 of ribbon!

have you seen her knitting ribbons? fun and clever - i have used it on knitting needle rollup cases that i make with extra fabric from my all my picture frames and memento boards

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