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May 20, 2010


Oh to have the job of naming cosmetics. Melon of Troy is wonderful!

It makes you feel like summer must surely arrive soon!!!

Buy them all!!! Summer is too short to dither. xx

Oh I'd have to buy chuffed jelly - though perhaps muggins might be nearer the mark for me.

Those names are so wonderfully inspiring! (Nice birks, by the way.)

Love all the colours!! What the hell get them ALL!!
Ingrid xx

Just received your American quilt book in the mail. It's a gift for a friend, but I peeked at it first. What lovely things you make!

Minger and Primrose Hill Pink look like fun colors too. Love these nail polish names!

Hello Jane, well looking at the marigolds for inspiration I think it has to be orange really with the odd yellow toe for variety!

Personally I'd go for the Mad As A Hatter though must admit I'd never heard of Butter varnishs. Think a bit of spending may be called for. I blame you of course.

I have just spent an hour cooling off in the garden reading your lovely new patchwork book. I want to make a quilt for my daughter, but I have dabbled before, so the craft that I would like to try for the first time is stained glass. It is the bright colours that attract me and similar to making fabric patchwork.

How fun! I liked looking through the nail polish colors.

Oh, Melon of Troy, just for the name! Unfortunately I only have five toenails to paint this summer, as the other five fell off as a result of my running the London Marathon. It's not a good look.

OMG - just looked at the link - there is a varnish called 'minger' too funny! My daughter and I had just been laughing at B&Q's names for paints - can't wait to show her this site


Thanks for letting us play with all the colors, time for taking life less seriously.

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