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July 28, 2010


I have that book but never looked twice at that pattern! I love the colours you have used Jane, fabulously poisonous.

Jane, that second photo gave me an idea for your next project - a crocheted porch umbrella!

I want to go and read Keats now.

I love crocheting in rounds too.

Gorgeous. I think I have a round pillow form around that needs one of these....

I absolutely love the combination of colors. It is just visually striking! Gorgeous!

Deliciously vitriolic colors. The cushion turned out beautifully. Adore the color choices. Wondeful job!

Beautiful colours! Very inspiring - how difficult is it to learn to crochet? Anyone got any good books on crochet to recommend to a complete beginner?

Like PosyLinda, delicious is the word that sprang to my mind when I saw your cushion. I guess it's the limey green that suggests something more sinister. Is crochet much faster than knitting? I've never really managed to get to grips with crochet, but your ripple blanket keeps me wishing I could.

In reply to Charlotte and Jack, I've only just started crochet this week (with the added disadvantage of being left handed) and I'm happily making multicoloured granny squares. I think it's lots easier than knitting.

The cushion is gorgeous. Those acid brights are perfect for the bright light of high summer

I love how you have coordinated nail polish!

Love your quilting book btw. You have great colour sense. I'm very envious of that.

Great colors, and your description is fantastic. This is a pillow that will beat any grey day!

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