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August 19, 2010


Love it. :) Yum!


I hope you enjoy the Festival of Quilts - I was there last year for work and bought far too much fabric!

So beautiful! Lovely cherry pie, so inspirational x

I am hoping that you might have a pattern for a pretty cushion or two in your forthcoming knitting book! I know how to crochet but have never got the hang of following a pattern. And I wouldn't mind this colour combination in a square knitted cushion....any chance of something along cushiony lines?? Do hope so!

Calorie free Pie too! Fantastic colours.

Mmmm. I could see myself lounging against this cushion while eating an extremely large portion of cherry pie..or summer pie..or rhubarb pie..I'm not particularly fussy as you may have gathered.

Have fun at the Festival tomorrow, I'm sure you'll be kept busy.


so when do you start on a steak and kidney pie? Only joking, the colours would be a little dull.....but maybe blueberry would work well!

The FOQ isnfantastic. So sorry You weren't there today. Love your crochet cushions.

They still put me in mind of beach umbrellas!


If you hurry, www.yarnmarket.com has a few balls of the Cachemire'Anny in tan -- I think they ship to the UK.

Beautiful cushion, and quilt. It makes me want to stick my thumb in it, just like Little Jack Horner, even though that was plum pie, but you get my drift. I also really like the edging around the cushion.

Two years ago I was given Domesticity and started reading your blog. One year ago I fell in with crafting bloggers and joined. But this. This is the real thing!

I really adore the edging! The colors are pretty darned awesome too.

I love these cushion covers. I keep telling myself I need to learn to crochet. This is just the impetus I need. As always, you give us such lovely visuals.

'... Billy boy, Billy boy. She crochet cherry pie charming Billy...'

Those colours are lovely! After seeing the last cover you made I was inspired to make one too. In blues and greens in the same pattern as you've done for cherry pie! Only mine is nowhere near as neat... the join for each row shows up across the cushion... very annoying... any toptips?

LOVELY! I really like the quilt in the background, too!

It's a beautiful cherry pie Jane, but I adore the aqua and raspberry quilt underneath it! xo

I love your cherry pie Jane - the colour combinations are scrummy

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