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August 23, 2010


Thanks for the heads up on Rowan. I felt that they'd really lost the plot recently and I let my subscription slip. Good to hear that they're back on track. I'm in need of some nice winter projects.

Love the seaside standard lamp - makes me think of the inside-out Orlando story where the house is set up in the garden, can't remember the exact title.

And also - a strange dough creature is growing steadily in the larder, 12 hours and counting.

I'm pleased you've discovered The Eternal Maker. Not only do they stock some lovely things, they are delightful people too.

Not only does Phoebe make great cakes, she takes an excellent photo too! Stunning!
Love the crochet hexs. :)
Vivienne x

I discovered Elspeth Thomson's blog, books and garden writing (sadly too late) through your blog and would just like to thank you for this. I've spent many a happy hour reading her blog and finding inspiration from it and her wonderful books. I'm delighted to hear too that there is a gardening award to be presented in her honour and to help preserve her memory.

I listened to Kathy Burke's
Desert Island Discs twice and delighted in it both times. My especial favourite was when she questioned Kirsty Young's assertion that she should be in a relationship.

Sorry we missed you on the Cotton Patch stand, we were a bit daunted by the size of the Festival this year and didn't get round everything. We did admire your quilts however, and particularly loved the hydrangea one. I first discovered Eternal Maker at the Vintage at Goodwood festival very recently, bought a fair few bits then and shock horror, there they were at the Quilt Festival tempting me again. I was also pleased to discover The Quilt Room, Dorking who had a great selection of the newest hard-to-find Moda fabrics, must visit their shop. Creative Quilting at East Molesey is a fab shop too, with lovely ladies to help. Might be close enough for you to visit...
Hen x

Many thanks for all the inspiration - I don't know where to start first!!

I can't believe I didn't know about The Eternal Maker! I am from Chichester originally - so a visit to my mother is in order!

Wasn't that Desert Island discs great. I enjoyed it twice too and thought she souned so nice it was such a shame she didn't want a partner. Tomorrow we have GCSE results day - argh!

Loved the bit when she said 'I thoughtaboud faaaaaaaaaaaags' even more than when she went on to reject them for a luxury ten times more weird

My goodness, you're in fine form, so much in this.... Lucky you to work with Christina Wilson. Hers is one of my favourite blogs, I would love to take pictures as good as hers! She has offered me lots of photographic advice. Glad to hear some more news re: Elspeth's memory... My son did A2's this year, so now on to university - can't bear the thought of him leaving home, even though not far. I loved the Kathy Burke edition too. I think you should go to Reading - I quite fancy it myself - I was last there 1978!! This is such a crazy time of year for lists....

Yes, Kathy Burke was great on Radio 4 last week. The Specials and Joy Division - soundtrack to my youth!

I also loved the Kathy Burke interview. Boy did she have a go at the end. I am single and agree with her. I am happy single.

Nooo, I can't believe I missed the fact that you would be at the stand signing books! I must have visited the Cotton Patch a dozen times at least during the Festival. I would have loved to meet you. I hope you had a good time at the Festival. I know I did, judging from my happy exhaustion today - my feet hurt and so does my credit card, but I'm about to unpack a suitcase filled with lovely loot...

Fantastic Phoebe! look so beaufiful photo of Sunrise, Swanage Beach.

Patricia Newton..australia

Thank you for the heads up about Eternal Maker and Rowan's Knitting and Crochet's most recent issue! I agree, Rowan had been falling off a bit. Although, I did purchase a recent Rowan Purelife pattern book featuring Fall knits. It is lovely.

I really love everything on your blog. Please could you tell me where you got the pattern for the crochet hexagons? They are brilliant!

Sarah and Anna run a fantastic shop/crafting space at The Eternal Maker. I take trips down from Solihull just to visit them and the shop. They run the fabulous Schoolhouse Days... I'm sure they are on their website. But best of all... the buttons. Jars and jars of them in every colour you can think of... Jane you will be in heaven there.

Left my dough for 24 hrs, thought it was too wet, but it made wonderful crunchy toast! Had it with homemade bramble jelly (Delia's). I got a book out of the library on crochet, but still struggling to start the next row neatly. I will have to ask around if anyone can show me!!!! Love your blog

TOTALLY agree about Rowan 48 - I used to religiously buy every single issue (I'm just missing number 3) until it got to the mid-30s and it just wasn't inspiring anymore - number 48 is lovely and a real return to form and I had to go and buy it as soon as it was out - the russian doll inspired designs are gorgeous!

Over a year ago I made a crochet blanket with hexagons like the one you have started on. It is still one of my favourites! Looking forward to seeing your completed hexagon blanket

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