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October 28, 2010


With Phoebe's 'culinary confections' I think she's destined for a TV camera (fairy lights or no fairy lights)!

Oh my, Pheobe had better watch out or Nigella may be casting those "murder glances" at her. Whilst there may be less of the dark looks I do feel that her head bobbing and hair tossing has reached epic proportions, I feel quite dizzy at the start of each show when she does her little pre-cooking bit with all that swinging camera and head bobbing. My recent highlight was the sight of her cooking in her belted mac - it seemed so certain that she would only be boudoir presentable beneath the mac.

Nigella -can't bear her on telly but love reading her books. Rarely cook from them though as there is always one obscure ingredient needed and she doesn't know the meaning of economy.

Am reminded of one of those Matisse collages when I look at Phoebe's cake.

What a fabulously Halloweenly horror of a cake!

By the way, I mean that in a nice way!! My sister was always one for making weirdly coloured cakes, reminds me of her.

Reminds me of Ronni Ancona's wonderful parody of Nigella where she talks about using "Mexican diamond encrusted fighting potatoes but one can use any old potatoes". As for Nigella's recipes I've yet to have one turn out right. Give me Delia's reliability any day.

Wow! perfect post-troll post cake. If that makes sense.

Hurrah Phoebe! Stunning.

As for Nigella, I do occasionally hanker after her grid draining fairy lights but in my kitchen you have to do a happy dance between the kettle, toaster and blender plugs and the one socket. Any more plugs and no one would ever get a cup of tea around here!

It is beautiful! And yes, I do think that Phoebe needs her own television show.

Wow, impressive cake! I am completely and utterly jealous of that cake.

I've never actually watched any Nigella. Only recently (in the last few months) picked up one of her cookbooks, which I can honestly say is one of the few that has made me laugh out loud.

Oh my goodness, I have to say this is one the most amazing cakes I have ever seen! Phoebe must be very proud :) Sarah

Magnificent! That's girl's got a future ahead of her!

Did the flavors of cake match the colors???? I love watching Nigella here in the States but would never try to cook her stuff as we lack the many different kinds of cream; here you get whipping or extra thick whipping but sometimes no cream at all as we live in Southern Oregon which can get quite big brother stuffy about cream being unhealthy so we are denied the choice. xxKaren

A truly awesome and beautiful cake! YUM!

Wow! What a cake! Not sure I'd want to eat it but it looks amazing!!! Do the colours have a taste too?

A multicoloured, multilayered marvel - moreishly moist and meltingly munchable. Mwah.

Wow there's a bright happy cake if I've ever seen one!!

Amazing!!! I want a slice.

For me, one of Nigella's most memorable phrases was when she referred to something as having the perfect inner thigh wobble!!!

Beautiful cake, well done to Phoebe! Very impressed because it still looks like a cake, many moons ago, when we were sixth formers in the late 70's, my friend and I tried to make a similar one for another friend's birthday. Alas, the only food colouring available to us was those McCormick's four mini squeezy bottles in a box (anyone remember those?) with very poor intensity of colour, so that by time we'd added sufficient of each colour (blending blue and red to make the purple etc) our cake turned out to be more of a play doh consistency when it came out of the oven. I recall it tasted pretty revolting as well but we did get the gasps of delight when it was cut into..... (until they tasted it, that is!)

just love your cake makes me want to do a red and green one for christmas...

oh my, I had never "met" Nigella before. Living across the pond so to speak. Also gasp! not having cable at home. So the link was entertaining to say the least, and fun. But Phoebes cake is amazing in all it's tecnicolor glory. You would not suspect that under the sedate lovely white frosting. Then wow it's so unexpected. I think she has a flair. Indeed Nigella beware :)

That's a magnificent cake, indeed!

Love the cake.Does Nigella really sneak down to the kitchen in the middle of the night to raid the fridge?

I just read Turkish Delight and Treasure Hunts. FANTASTIC! What a treat. I bought it on my Kindle because I was in Hawaii, but now I must have a hard copy. Way to go! YOU are such a smart writer!

Somehow, Jane, I feel that Phoebe's fairy lights and TV camera are not far off. In fact, I've thought that for quite a while now. You can mark me down as a charter member of the Phoebe fan club.

Beautiful cake !!But for show only,I could'nt eat anything so non-food coloured.

Happy birthday Phoebe. That is quite a cake - I appreciate that the nerds match the cake colours!

Colourful cake! I do agree about Nigella - her recipies are so hit and miss. I've tried a number and, really, it's a gamble whether it will turn out right or not. To be honest, I think she's more style than substance.

Delighfully silly cake - no wonder it drew gasps as it was cut into. Expect you were all hyper afterwards with all that colouring but I'm sure it was worth it.
Love your blog. I have a look every day and feel just a bit miffed when there isn't anything new to read!
You've awakened my interest in photography with your fantastic photos (so thank you very much) and I bought the same camera as you then had, although you've moved on since. What a difference a good camera makes.

Loved this post Jane!!

Looks really gaudy but lovely, I hope Pheobe enjoyed eating the cake as much as she made it. Eat yer heart out Nigella!!

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