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October 20, 2010


How exciting! You have now gone 'Stateside' - it will be world domination next!

Congratulations Jane! My children and I love Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer and Ripping Things To Do. Is there some overlap in your new book or is it completely different? How very exciting for you, it looks wonderful.

Well done on the video! I sent Ripping Things to do to my niece in Texas as she has an English mother and it was the perfect way to give her a taste of what English culture that she just can't get living in the States.

I missed buying Cherry Cake when it was new, and I see it is now fetching $84 on amazon! Wow! Time for a reprint, perhaps? Meanwhile I'll be sure to buy this one while new. Congratulations!

Hooray! I'm in the US and haven't been able to get Ripping Things to Do even through interlibrary loan. So glad this is here!

Great new title,I shall try and seek it out. Maybe my American chums at Much Ado bookshop will have some copies.

Yes - I, too have been wanting to see those two books but haven't been able to. Hoorah, as you English say!

Jane it was just wonderful to hear and see you in the interview about the new book! It made me return to my childhood and relish how wonderful it was. I enjoyed my reading tremendously. Thank you

Jane, it looks wonderful. If I didn't already have my well thumbed copy of Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer, I'd be buying it right now! Congratulations on taking over the US! It was lovely to 'see' you again on the video - such a nice shirt you were wearing too!

I can't tell you how glad I was to stumble across this a few weeks ago. I immedaiately ordered a copy for the library where I work. I have a personal copy of Cherry Cake which the mother of a friend bought in London and brought with her on her last trip because I couldn't find a copy here. Now all I have to do is track down glace cherries and candied peel and do a little "recipe tranlslation" for things like oven temp and terms like caster sugar.

I too am excited about this...I never knew what Turkish Delight was as a child, reading The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe. I decided it must be roast turkey, and always imagined them snacking on roast turkey.

Congratulations Jane!

Oh! Can't WAIT to get my hands on a copy!! Yippee!!

Eek! You're on telly...! How exciting Jane. Of course I know what you look like, I've seen pics - but I've never heard you speak before! Now that was strange, because I think I know you through your blog, but now I have a new image of you altogether. In my imagination you've been a different person all this time. Now I have to change your voice and mannerisms in my head. I thought you were lovely by the way, even nicer than how I thought you were. Wishing you lots of luck with this venture. Mx

I've had Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer on my wish list for ages. The prices in the states for it are a little nutso ($80+), no offense. I just ordered this right away though, should have it on Tuesday. I was wanting Cherry Cake because many of the authors you mentioned like Enid Blyton aren't typically American, but I grew up with them just the same. I hope this book does well here!

I bought Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer and Ripping Things to Do when they first came out, and our family has loved them. Just placed my order for Turkish Delight & Treasure Hunts. How exciting! Congratulations on your latest!

This book sounds so lovely, Jane. Enjoyed your video very much. Now when I read your blog I can hear your very pleasant voice. Ordered this book and pre-ordered your knitting book, as well. I'm so very excited to share 'Turkish Delights and Treasure Hunts' with my little granddaughters. Sounds like there will be some delightful cooking going on in Mema's kitchen. Have I told you lately how much joy your blog and your charming books have given me these last few years? Thank you.

Oooh another book, I will have to go and seek it out.
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Jane, you are such a nice person!! It's wonderful to watch you speak with such enthusiasm and joy about books, children and food.

Congratulations on this new edition and lots of luck for the future! :)

Best wishes,


YOU HAVE AN ENGLISH ACCENT! I am just kidding. But, it doesn't really sink in until we hear you. You have a delightful way of speaking. Do make more videos. And congrats on another book!

Once again, my heartfelt congratulations on a new book. The video was great--you should do more, I agree with Susan M. above me. Take care (and thanks for planting more bulbs--I'm looking forward to Spring already).

What a great idea to "translate" your books into American! This book is the perfect present for my sister-in-law, who sees her seven grandchildren (now all under 4) frequently. Can't wait!

Congrats on the new book! I've got your first book "The Gentle Art of Domesticy" and love every page of it.

Is it me or is there a problem with linking to this video as I can't get it on screen at all and I've tried a couple of ways and quite a few times. I'd really like to view.

That's a great idea, an American edition--although American kids could use some exposure to books that are new to them, goodness knows.

We've got the New York Review Children's Collection here, and I think some of them are in print in the UK, too. They're bringing back into print some amazing classic children's books that have been unavailable for decades. Good-looking, sturdy editions, too.

Congratulations! It was wonderful to see and hear you and feel your genuine enthusiasm on the subject of your book(s). And what stroke me even more was your gentle, respectful and even humble attitude towards your own children and childhood in general. I think we share that, although to put it in practice isn't always easy in everyday life. Thank you!

I loved Ripping Things to Do because, like you, I spent the 70s reading What Katy Did, Enid Blyton and basically anything I could lay my hands on. Good luck with the new book.

Dawn x

I borrowed Cherry Cake from the library and loved all the reminders of the things I loved to read when I was small. And, of all the recipes your instructions for porridge have transformed my mornings. It works. Every time. Love that. Hope the new book does well...

Well done you! How fantastic. It'll sell like hot cakes!

Jane, I follow your blog with great interest, and find your career path inspirational. I adored 'CC+GB', which got me into your blog, and remains one of my favourite books esp to recommend to others. Will be putting your new title on my Christmas Wish List. Well done, and keep flying the flag for women who stay at home, work, and bring up their children- it's harder than most people realise, isn't it???

How wonderful to see and hear you! Best of luck with the new book :-)

Congratulations Jane!!!

Congratulations on your new book and I hope it is a great success. I truly enjoyed watching the video; your description of the book is delightful.

Well done Jane!
I think this now means officially that you are a famous person! (and an inspiration to us all!)

congrats to your first kindle!

love it! and love that it's on my kindle so I can dip in at any time and any place.

So very nice to see and hear you! Great book too! Thank you!

Looks like a wonderful book Jane, congratulations! I loved watching the little video of you. It helps to really connect a person behind this beautiful blog and a now growing collection of lovely books. Turkish Delight and Treasure Hunts will make a wonderful gift to my niece and nephews this holiday season. I might have to get one for myself as well!

So excited about your book, Jane!

Also - I have just completed four 16-patch squares of your Charming Chintz quilt (using Philip Jacobs large scale floral prints).

The four squares are so beautiful that I can't take my eyes off them and I can't wait to make the rest of the quilt! I love your quilt book so much.

Finally got this book in from the library, and I have to say it is absolutely the kind of thing I would like to have had as a kid--though I did own many, many American Girl and even a few Little House craft and cookbooks and never did anything in them--they mostly required lots of shopping trips. :/ Anyways, I'm inspired to read (mostly re-read) the books mentioned, read them to kids I know (and my own kids someday)--though now I'm quite curious to find your original books, especially for the finding-childrens'-books potential.

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