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November 01, 2010


But not quite, not yet.....

what an extraordinary photograph - it doesn't look real does it? I love the weird light.

Ah, so pretty.
We had our first frost here last night...not a hard one, but enough to be certain Fall is HERE!

Wow! That's incredible. We had a hard frost 2 nights ago so all of my gardening is now officially done for the year. Must build a cold frame for next year!

jane, i just love the way you look at the world. i've finally finished up The Gentle Art of Domesticity. I savoured every little bit and am sad it's over. i haven't your way with words, but i so enjoyed how you have enlivened and elevated the gentle arts in your very intelligent writing. you are definitely a thinking domestic! several years ago, i started to take a women's history course in college but had to part ways with it when the prof had us read Little Women so we could explore the "cult of domesticity." i like your view so much better. and i really adore the attitude with which you approach it all, not as a purist, but rather with fresh eyes and a willingness to find the wonderful in the ordinary, unique, mundane, or even garish and vulgar bits of life. thank you for many pleasant moments!

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