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December 31, 2010


What a fantastic record of your year, Jane! The photos as ever are gorgeous in their colours and vibrancy - I look forward to seeing many more next year. Happy 2011!

Beautiful Jane! I am glad I found your blog, and got to meet you, in 2010!

I am so looking forward to the knitting book, and I wish you a wonderful, peaceful, happy and productive 2011!

Thank you for a delightful year Jane. Your photos are lovely and it is so fun to see the world through another's eyes.

I look forward to the release of your knitting book and wish you and your family a wonderfully bright 2011.

Lovely photos as always! Here's hoping for even more in 2011. Happy new year to you and your family!

And all the best for you and your family, Jane, from Eastern Canada. Thank you for bringing such joyous pictures to life.

My husband just started using Hipstamatic. Great app. I may need to get it eventually too.

Happy New Year - I so enjoy your blog and photos. Just one look at one of your posts makes things brighter for me! And these are no exception.

Love the photos, especially the blue chunky cables. And the toast! Happy new year, Jane!

What a lovely way to start the year, Jane! Super photos as ever and I can't wait for the knitting book...have a very wonderful 2011, and keep putting up these posts for us.

I love your photographs, as ever

can't wait for the knitting book, that blue cable project looks delish!

I've been one of those lurkers, but you've brought me much pleasure with your blog. I'll try to be more verbally appreciative in 2011. Happy year to you.

Jane, thank you for a year of inspiration and luscious photography! Your colourful blog is one of my absolute favourites.

Still love your pics of tulips. I'm a tulip lover too! Have a bag of bulbs waiting to be planted, which, I know, should have been done by now. However, we were so snowed in over the November/December period that I couldn't do it. Think it'll be a little project I will do with the kids.
PS also read the tart blog...lemon, yum!

Hi! My husband gave me two of your books for Christmas (Gentle Art of Domesticity and Turkish Delight) and I am loving them. I can't wait to buy the Knitting book too. Thanks for the inspiration!

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