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December 01, 2010


Make scarves to match, and maybe you would go!

Wow! Beautiful hats, wish I could knit something like that. I'm still only on scarves, although a lady I met at a craft fair on Sunday introduced me to the principles of knitting a 'curly' scarf. Fingers crossed, I may be about to branch out . . . Those hats look soooo cosy, just the thing for these freezing temperatures.

Jane, I also wanted to add that since buying the Gentle Art exactly a year ago (without knowing much about what to expect inside - just loved the cover), I have had the best year, by far my most crafty and domesticated yet, all thanks to you! I have even taken things a step further by setting up in business making cupcakes (Beautiful Bakes on facebook) - apologies if you'd rather I didn't mention it by name, will understand if you wish to delete it. Huge thanks for all the inspiration and encouragement that your endeavours spread xx

Gorgeous colours!- especially the second hat! I'm cold in - I've a blanket over my legs!

Lovely hats, Jane. I've been outside and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - you never know...!

Not going outside here either. Love the hats, good to see some colour today.

Love the colours in the first hat!

No light here today, either...
I LOVE the hats...they are beautiful!

Very cheery - I'm currently knitting cushion covers, one side double-moss stitch and one side that was meant to be double-moss stitch but came out as a kind of wiggly rib. It's good to experiment!

I think the light on the top photo is perfect.

On days like today (winds up to 60mph and driving rain) if I need to take photos, I end up with an incredibly complicated system of white poster board, white walls and (gasp) supplemental artificial light.

The good news is that I don't need to take any nice looking photos today.

Now those look fab! Standard sort of beanie thing with a ribbed cuff? Might be just what I need to get over my fear of knitting with more than one colour at a time!

Gosh beautiful hats and just the inspiration I needed thank you. I lost my much loved and hat (and gloves!) this weekend and so have been going through hat patterns in my head for the last three days. Welcome respite therefore.

I love these! I will be knitting a hat like this with sock scraps, sometime!

So lovely. I was in the process of online hat and snowboot shopping and decided to take a break to see what you're up to. Wouldn't you know, I've now found the perfect hat... but I can't have it! Must learn to knit. A x

Oh, I love those hats! My hand-knit hat is the only thing that makes going outside bearable this week. There's something so satisfying about the whole family being kept warm by hats I've made!

They're lovely, nothing wrong with the light at all. I keep being drawn to simple colourwork patterns on ravelry, but I'm not sure that I am up to carrying yarn in both hands - is that how you work or do you hold both in the one hand?

I've been out . I don't recommend it .
Mind you , I didn't have that lovely red 'tam " on . That would have fended off the (apparently ) minus 15 C . wind !

Hi Jane. Always read your blog, but have never commented before. However, those hats have driven me to it. I love them. Do you know what pattern you used? You probably just do them freehand, do you? Anyway, love your blog and take on life.

Gorgeous hats! We have a sunny, but cold and windy, day today. I won't brave the cold for taking pictures, since my knitting is liable to fly away - but I'm crocheting a ripple blanket (nice for keeping warm while working on it) and knitting a merino wool and mohair pullover sweater (also warm in the lap while working).

Top notch hats.

Excellent hats. I've been scrutinizing the pictures to see how you handled the decrease rows. . . seems the 2x2 gradually morphs to 1x1. . . inspiration for stashbusting/leftover usage. Stranded knitting in dk-weight yarns will be toasty warm, too.

I love the hats! I'm a beginner knitter, where would I find a pattern for that?

Know how you feel.... I've been rushing home in my lunch break to try to get a decent picture. Haven't succeeded yet! At least we're all in the same boat light-wise. We have had dollops of snow, about 14 inches last night and today, more to come (Buxton).
Love the hats, I rarely wear one due to being susceptible to hat-hair in a big way...

I have found that often the natural light available suits the traditional things for that weather. Your hats work in cold UK winter. I lived in upstate NY, through severe winters & grey, warmish, humid summers, and found the colours that suited the seasons then were not ones I had ever considered before, or that I find work now I am back in Australia, where the sunlight, no matter the season, is harsher, whiter, and flatter in some way. Now I use & find colours that relax and retreat rather than the more enveloping ones from my NY state period. And here in Melbourne, it is felt that you have spent too long on your tropical holiday in Queensland, when you start thinking the hot pinks & so on are a good idea for clothing rather than the navy blue and black to which we are addicted...
The different lights in the world are stunning, and when looking at house magazines, I find one can tell the difference in place by the light shining through the window...

Those are great, since I'm currently on a hat knitting binge I may have to "borrow" your Fair Isle-inspired idea

These are BEAUTIFUL! I am in love and totally want to make one for me. Any chance you will share your pattern or did you use another hat pattern to base your hats off of?

I am finally inspired by a fair isle pattern! I think I could get hooked on this one!

Gorgeous hats! They're perfect for the cold weather we are having here in the states as well. I'm not so very good with knitting hats that fit without a pattern. Would you consider sharing your pattern with those of us who are cold, hatless, and envious?

Oh, go on.... those hats would look so much better modelled!

They're beautiful. And I agree about the light. The photos I've taken over the past couple of days have been 'they'll do' rather than things of beauty.

Beautiful hats. Such happy colours.

These are lovely! And they look like an ideal use for some of those evil yarn scraps that are always about. I'll have to give it a try!

This is the very hat I am dying to make, only simpler--only one color! Does anyone have recs for a pattern?

I've never tried Jamieson's of Scotland yarns but then again I might sometime because I dig knitting with four-ply yarn and there seems to be plentiful 4-ply in Jamieson's selection.

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