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January 11, 2011


Oooh, lovely word Jane, I feel determined to drop it into conversation this very afternoon - may be something of a challenge on the school run.

I have enjoyed and been inspired by your blog for such a long time now and I worried as I read this post that you were planning on no longer blogging at all. I was greatly relieved to read that you plan to continue on a weekly basis. I will still be reading and enjoying.

Good for you! It takes the pressure off me too - keeping up with your daily diary - phew! I will look forward to the weekly digest and hope you enjoy your new found freedom x

What a shame - your blog is the first thing I check every day. They do say, though, that one appreciates things more if they are scarce. So perhaps I will appreciate your posts even more when they are fewer. I find it hard to believe I could be more appreciative than I already am, though!

I think I can second all of the above. As you know I've really, really enjoyed your blog over the years - and you inspired me to dive into this weird and wonderful virtual world as well. Thank you, and I shall look forward to the hebdomadal (is that correct!?) posts from now on!

Yes, I quite agree that blogging is time consuming and have been thinking of doing the same - just once a week. But I do love your pictures and words.

Will make it a date every week!
Best Wishes Jane, thanks for the great blog!

My favourite French word is époustouflant which means mind-blowing. Oh and chuchotement -whisper.

I shall be looking forward to my hebdomadal fix.


Phew! Thought for a moment that you were calling it a day. Really enjoy your beautiful photos and comments. Will definitely still be visiting!

I, too, was worried, as I've just found your blog and thought that I was too late! I'm glad you're going to be continuing, albeit less frequently.

I love your Gentle Art of Domesticity and have been crocheting ripple pattern throws ever since reading it!

I'm now off to add you to my blogroll!

Love the word and will try to incorporate it into my daily speech! Glad to hear you'll still be blogging so I can keep up with your news.

Thanks for the new word. I was also inspired by your blog and fashioned mine after it (sort of). I like it that you had no advertising. Your photos are amazing and I will continue to visit and be inspired. So glad you aren't stopping!

Love your big words. Will miss my daily visits but weekly will be good too. I am in 15 sleeps doing a Kaffe Fassett class here so looking forward to that. Cheryl the quilt shop owner feel she's preparing for Royalty. be watching in a week.

So happy for your time given to pursuits and family and I will continue to look forward to reading your posts as they come.

All the best to your children as they move on to college life.

Can't wait to see what other things you have time to do.

Lovely word! I love the french word crepuscule (meaning twilight - both lovely words though). I have very fond memories of the family friend who taught me the word. Thanks for giving your time so freely before now and inspiring us all. Am about to embark on a quilt after being moved to do so by your book so won't have time to log in so frequently... yeah right!

Jane, I, just discovered you a little over a year ago through Clara Parke's Knitter's Review. I now own copies of TGAOD and TGAOQ and often check your blog to see what you are doing "on the other side of the pond." Your creativity encourages, delights, and amazes me. My ancestors [Bradstreets and Dudleys] from the Boston, England, area have inspired me to be curious about your country, so I especially appreciate your efforts to share your locale [and travels] as well as your artistic interests. My eldest daughter and son-in-law just brought home two bags of wool which we aim to clean and process. [I'll have to check your older posts to see if you have any tales to tell about such a project! :)] At any rate, I thank you for sharing your life with me, and I look forward to your weekly posts!

I had the same calling out reaction watching U.C. on a rare Monday eve in - I'm usually learning Polish, which has no end of beautiful long words; one of my favourites being the word for Monday, poniedzialek, which in strict translation means 'the day after Sunday' Czytam cotygodniowy blog teraz! (I will read your now weekly blog)

I shall miss your (almost) quotidian postings that always brightened my day!

Your blog is such a joy to read as are your books! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us!

Good for you! We'll be fine and will more than welcome a weekly fix. Hugs.

And Yarnstorm will remain just as enjoyable, all the more for being eagerly awaited.

We used to put word of the day up on the fridge when we were students using magnetic letters, that is definitely a fridge word. Nice.

Your inspirational strengths are undoubted but perhaps you may not have realised your healing strengths. Having been estranged for 15 years from my (now) 27 year old twin son and daughter, I've loved your domestic intimacies, some of which mirrored mine - baking fragrances, my mother's 1950s embroidered table linen, a quilt started for Baby No. 1 but eventually finished, after 8 years, and divided for my twins, Babies 3 & 4. Thank you, Jane.

I'll still be reading, even hebdomadally! Thank you for sharing, whether it is daily, weekly, or even biweekly (don't get any ideas!)

For a horrible moment there I thought you were going to say you were stopping blogging altogether. I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at your lovely pics, so if it's to be only once a week, so be it.
PS that's a great word! My favourites are titanium and undulating.

I've been reading your blog for over a year, but never commented before today. I'm actually very HAPPY about the hebdomadal transition. Your blog and your activities are impressive and inspiring, there are some beautiful things, but I WORRY that you do so much! How on earth do you manage it all? And to write this public journal as well. So I shall LOOK FORWARD to the hebdomadal insertion with more relaxation. Enjoy your time!

It has always amazed me how you have managed to write so regularly for 6 years now because it is so time-consuming! (My knitting blog lasted only a year I think!) I found your blog in the early days while I was living in California with younger children than yours (but a son called Tom) and I loved that it gave me a taste of "home" and of things to come! I have been back home now for 4 years and I still come here occasionally for a visual and intellectual treat. Enjoy your extra time.

I've been blogging less than a year but have already realised that hebdomadally is all I can manage. Don't know how others do it!

A fine Scrabble word, and one that I shall try to fit into conversation today at my hebdomadal game!

Your lovely photos, choice written words, thoughtful comments on books and film, dashes about town followed by sharing discoveries made in England and on the continent, looking at color in a new way, well those just have opened up a wonderful world for me, mind stretching-giving me lots to think about and I enjoy life more richly. I appreciate you being you. Do carry on with all....even once a week.
PS Am excited to say I am starting one of your Russian Shawl quilts on Sunday.

Hi Jane
I have enjoyed your blog for a long time now ,compared to the Dutch and Scandi blogs I read you are so so British and I really love that about you.
At least now you have a weekly "break" I shall expect some knitting or a little crochet to show all your devout followers.
Go Jane ,love Ani x

I think hebdomadal pursuits are more than enough for all of us bloggers Jane. I think we're sometimes in danger of forgetting that real life still exists! In a way knowing that you're writing weekly makes life easier for us readers - eliminates the frantic 'catch up' that I find myself doing with my favourite blogs, including yours, of course. Also don't you think it's sad that language teaching is taking such a low priority in our education system? How else would we ever come across such wonderful words as 'hebdomadal'? This is especially true of Latin, I think. Looking forward to continued reading of your wonderful blog....

I'll look forward to a weekly fix of Yarnstorm. And enjoy the time you find for other pursuits.

In the long ago days when I taught French, I could rely on instant class hilarity when introducing the word "pneu" (tire, as on a car). The best reason for anyone's absence became"pneumonie" which would start everyone off again, me included. I wonder if any of them still remember those silly, happy days!

well, i read you hebdomanally, so i guess it works for both of us. just less for me to read each week. what i really need is a "gentle arts, vol.ii" god bless in all your other endeavors and thanks for sharing with us what you can.

Thank you Jane for the continuing inspiration and beautiful writing and photos - all of which will be just as enjoyable and enriching on a weekly basis. You give so much to so many people!

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