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June 20, 2011


Wow! I hear Tom Stuart-Smith will be exhibited at the Garden Museum in London. If so it would be good to go.

Thanks to your inspiring list I will be heading for The Needlemakers when visiting my parents in Tunbridge Wells this summer from my homestead near Tours.

That all sounds like a very lovely way to be busy!

Sounds like a fantastic start to summer. I am a huge fan of Kaffe Fassett, have stitched many of his designs, and am amazed at how he keeps the creative work going. Would be interested in your impressions of the Charleston installation.

Wow!!! what a busy girl!!!!

Sounds like an exciting time. I bet that Open Squares weekend would have been great inspiration for a knitting or patchwork project.

Such energy. Sounds like a fabulous week.
After I'd heard you singing the praises of Birkenstocks
and a local friend did too it seemed meant to be and I went to try some on. Initially i was a bit worried that the toe bar might cause some discomfort but after the first day they felt like an extension to my feet and that is exactly where they've been since I bought them. I am a convert so thank you for writing about them.

So lovely. My mum and our whole family calls those "Seaside Daisies", not sure why...

We call them seaside daisies too - maybe it's an Australian thing? I certainly live a long way from the sea ... but I'm switching to fleabane. I like plant names that sound like ingredients for a cauldron.

Nice to see a toe shot - pretty fleabane!

What a fabulous sounding week,especially TSS's garden. I'm jealous! Love the photo - I think you should produce a calendar.

I have two pairs of those birks- one in green, and the other brown. Love them. Love your blog, too. I've been lurking, but the shoes made me come out of my lurkiness.

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