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June 21, 2011


Last time I counted it was 16 cups. It's a miracle home-workers get any work done at all.

Must admit to a heavy 'tea habit' - to the point of having different teas for certain times of the day - Chinese Breakfast, Lemon Ginseng Green Tea followed in late afternoon by Earl Grey (multiple cups of each).
Lovely tea cosies - we are anxiously waiting for our copy of your book to arrive!

I don't think they sell that tea over here :( It sounds nice.

Your cosies are so perky - the baby ones irresistible.

Which book can the cosy pattern be found in?

I love these cosies, and I'm pretty sure it was their bright and cheery photos which convinced me that I needed to buy the book :) At least one of my friends/family members will be getting one of these for Christmas this year!

I am interspersing my regular tea with a new discovery Redbush. It's got not caffiene and plenty of antioxidants. It's almost like real tea, just a little bit smokey.

my tea of choice right now is http://www.celestialseasonings.com/products/chai-teas/honey-vanilla-chai-tea
my husband has resigned himself to buying 3 boxes at a time just to save extra trips to the store for more tea.
PS love your book on domesticity! It gave me such a sense of freedom to be who I am and not worry so much about dusty furniture or finger-printed windows and mirrors etc.

Those are some cute cozies, especially the little ones. And I have a little teapot that would just fit inside one of those! My favorite tea is Punjana right now. I buy it from a nice Irish lady who has an import business and it's very tasty.

oh my god, those are the cheeriest things i've seen in a long time!! LOVE :)

I cant wait to buy your book, i think your amazing and LOVE YOUR WORK!!!

Adorable. I love the idea of having a family of teapots. I think my little teapot at work must get quite lonely. Maybe I should knit it something special.

My current favorite teas are all from Char Tea in Winchester: http://www.charteas.com/ If you are ever there you MUST stop in...hundreds of different kinds and you can smell them all. Right now I am drinking Sweet Osmanthus and it is so, so delightful. http://www.charteas.com/ProductDetails.aspx?p_id=213

As to how many cups of tea...I'm pretty much only limited by how often I can run to the restroom. :)

Love the teeny tea cosy! I agree with Melissa - Char is well worth a visit, (and Winchester!) and they have a lovely range of cosies in the windows. I'm mostly an Earl Grey girl,(from the pot, in vintage china) but ring the changes with herbals/ fruit/ lapsang/ green/ roobush. Just reading about tea takes me to the kettle .......

I recently used a big teapot and cozy for my book club gathering, instead of just a mug at a time. I was so pleased with how hot the tea stayed. I do love "families" of things. I was the baby and always got the little one.

The tea cozies are wonderful!

The tea cosies are beautiful! I can't wait until I can get your book here in the USA! My friend, Penny, thinks I'm crazy to knit tea cosies, but I swear it keeps the tea hot so much longer - and it's so gratifying to be able to knit up something small, colorful, AND useful.

Such wonderful tea cozies! Actually, I think the larger ones show off the knitting pattern the best. Can't wait to see your book. Your blog, with your gorgeous photographs, is always an inspiration and a pick-me-up.

One of the loveliest teas I've ever had comes from Murchie's in Victoria, British Columbia. It's called the Royal Jubilee blend and was first put out in 1977 for HM's Silver Jubilee.

Your cozies are lovely... If only one of us could knit!



The only trouble with my tremendous (teamendous? groan) tea drinking habit is the constantly having to get up and go to the loo when I'm in the middle of writing. Mind you, I suppose otherwise I might sit all day and never move.

I love these cozies and the behind the scenes shot! Also, thank you for giving the dimensions! It always irked me when it said 'an average tea pot,' too. This will be so much better!

I am a big swiller of the brew also - a minimum 5 cups a day even in the heat. I switch from Yorkshire Gold, Barry's, Typhoo or whatever I can find here that looks fresh.
The queen of tea drinkers must be the folks in the movie Vera Drake - that giant pot constantly being refilled!

Did you know that if you leave a tea cosy on a table, everyone will surrepticiously try it on?! Rare Tea Company RAF tea (from Sainsbury's) is a particularly delicious brew.

I am mainly a coffee drinker, decaff, but also love Lapsang Souchong and Twinings Moroccan which is minty and delicious. I have already knitted one cosy just to see if I could and it worked a treat. Will be making more colourful one for Christmas. My version is sort of greyish but I've cheered it up by adding bows in different colours here and there...threading yarn through with a crochet hook and then making ends into a bow. Looks okay!

The answer to your tea-drinking question is "an awful lot!".


Love the cosies but I honestly drink tea so quickly that I've never felt a need for one.
Tea is such a comforting drink. It takes two mugs of Earl Grey in the morning to stir me into action then there is a brief dalliance with coffee mid morning before returning to tea for the rest of the day. I like Moroccan mint tea and I drink pots of rooibosch (brought 8 boxes of it back to France recently) and before bed it's always lemon verbena tea made with fresh leaves from the bush in the garden. It seems to help me sleep.

I love those photos. So cute. Great job!

Not just home-workers! I'm in an office of eight and there is always a round being made despite the kitchen being at the other end of the building! Yesterday morning I'd had four cups by 11am! Eek!

I've rediscovered Jasmine tea. The smell and flavour holds so many memories of a childhood in the far east.

I'm quite proud though that I've converted my non-tea drinking husband to tea. Its usually a twinnings breakfast, earl grey or clipper every day tea in our house. Although the husband wont touch earl grey!!

Hello Jane!

I, and like what seems like a thousand others in the blog world have bought a copy of your gentle art of knitting book and I wanted to tell you how much I love it!
It wasn't available in New Zealand for aaaaages after it came out in the UK so I bought it online because I just couldn't wait and I'm reading it in bed hoping to inspire knitterly dreams!
I was reading about your cabled socks and do you know what? THe way you explained it made it seem like I could knit them, so as soon as I've finished my latest pair, I'm going to wind my ball of bright pink alpaca sock yarn and have a try! Thank you so much and I'll be enjoying following your blog from now on!
Love Alice XXX

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