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June 16, 2011


How strange that we know so much about you through your blog jane, yet we still feel the thrill of you answering these 'real' questions! You share so much, thank you. Am puzzled at times as to why your blog has such fascination for me (and so many others) but think I will stop wondering now and just add it to my list of 'Small Personal Joys'

Have driven past Maids of Honour on numerous occasions and always wondered what it was like - now will definitely have to make the other half stop for tea and cakes - mines the yummy looking fruit tart.

Your book is stunning! I've just posted about it. Everyone should have a copy.

Add 'Brick Lane' to the bin - I thought it was extremely dull. I also hate 'going forward' and 'blue sky thinking' and 'brain shower' and all the other dross I have to listen to at meetings at work. Sorry, small rant there!
Dawn x
PS cakes look heavenly, no wonder I'm not a size 10!

Well of course we're interested in your "buns" Jane...gym or no gym. It's your "vinegar" that spices up your blog. :)~
I've noticed projects from your book are starting to show up on Ravelry. Will you have a designer page there or a flickr group?

Jane, when will the U.S. edition of The Gentle Art of Knitting come out? The U.S. Amazon site doesn't say. . .I'm eager to get a copy. Will the U.S. edition be different from the U.K. edition?

Also looking forward to 'How to be a Woman'. Excerpt in Stylist magazine was hilarious.

I'm a tremendously huge fan of your blog (and by extension, books), but my fan-ship soared to new levels when you admitted to disliking the phrase, "going forward."

A friend wants to "invite" me to join Pinterest, but - another things to put me in front of the screen? I'm trying to resist!

I would never think to blanket stitch around a knitted throw - it's very pretty. I do have to get my boss at the library to order that book for us.

As for drinking vinegar, I went to a renaissance or medieval thing once, and tried a drink - can't recall the name of it - which was apparently vinegar and honey. It was very refreshing, and I'm sure the precursor of lemonade. So, if you *have* to drink vinegar, make sure you add plenty of honey! :)

Vinegar is not such a dumb thing...it helps with digestion,,,, a teaspoon or two is fine..... and when one eats too many creme buns or gets a tad too old to handle fat the gut is very gratful. Sure beats the chemical pink stuff in the over all health of things.

Lets go quilt.

Oh Pinterest is taking up large portions of my time at the moment, and I admit to being thrilled to discover some of my photos have been pinned. Not nearly as many as yours though.

Iconic is my most hated cliché particularly when used to describe some vacuous celebrity.

I'm O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D with the D.I.D archive. I can spend a whole day listening to 'artists' or 'fashion designers' or 'architects'. I've yet to listen to the people's choice edition but just love that database and whoever built it.

Thank you so much for continuing to write about places you love in London and including links.

While I love the knitting posts and thoroughly enjoy the other posts and brilliant photos, I really appreciate being able to bookmark the places you feature for my next trip to London. (Oh, how I love London!)

Going forward is just awful, I wince whenever I hear it - which is quite a lot. The book for the bin... I have to say I hated Eat Pray Love and thought I'd be sick if I tried to finish it.

Loved the cream bun picture - they look delicious. I'm with you on the binned book and also agree with Charlotte about "Eat, pray love".

Yay! Drove past Maids of Honour yesterday on my way to Richmond to meet an old school friend.
As the early riser in the family, my Saturdays begin on the sofa in my bathrobe with a cat or two and ....Caitlin Moran, who is, indeed, extremely funny!
I like to begin the day with boiled water and a slice of lemon but will never, ever drink vinegar OR be a gym bunny.....
Hope the A Levels are going well!

I can't tell you how frequently I hear most of those phrases at the charity I work for! It made me chortle!

And I cannot believe I havent seen the Desert Island archive before now?! Thats amazing! What is more I am reading the Long Song right now so will listen to the Andrea Levy with interest - she chose great tracks!

'going forward'...... by gum, I've never even heard that phrase {so glad for the sheltered life I lead} but I can imagine it being irritating......

love the blanket stitch around the edge of the cable blanket.... what a great idea......

and finally, that cake shop..... *sigh*..... shame it's so far away.......


Argh! Going forward is one of my hot buttons too. Thankfully here in NZ we aren't subjected to all the phrases on that list but of course we have our own. Replying to a question by starting off your sentence with "Look,...." for example.

I did the vinegar thing for awhile, and then fell out of the habit. It's very good for digestion and has been shown to have a big effect on blood sugar levels. It's a bit tough to start with but if you dilute a couple tablespoons in water, ANC use nice cider vinegar it's not too awful!

I must have missed a bunch of posts because of my very busy time lately . . . they are lovely. P.S. These pastries are making my mouth water . . .

"Going forward" is but one of the annoying phrases we are subjected to in business meetings here in the US... I won't trouble you with the even more irritating words and phrases! It's one of the many reasons I'm trying to put that world behind me in favor of a creative and home-centered existence. Your inspiration is helping me along the way!
And, as a happily married man, I can tell you that no man worth his salt would prefer a vinegar-drinking gym bunny over an interesting, creative woman who would share in the delight of eating those pastries you've pictured!

Jake Gariepy

Did you hear the interview with the 'anti-cliche' man on Today yesterday morning? Definitely a 'job well done' by the interviewer.

'A Suitable Boy' would be my contribution to the bin. Also 'White Teeth'. Ooo! And Donna Tart's 'A Secret Garden'.

Jane.. Just wanted to say I absolutely love your knitting book. I got mine yesterday and spent the afternoon unable to put it down. I now have a list of so many projects I want to make for me, and for friends especially. Just one little gripe, for want of a better word, I wish you had put the sock pattern in using two needles. I can't get on with four! But so glad the gloves use two. And your mention of the Phildar books brought back many memories, thanks for all of it!

Gosh, this was so much fun to read!

I am definitely going to see if I can persuade my library to order Four Hedges.

I am definitely going to spend time with the DID archives.

Actually, all of the info/tips/opinions in this post and in the comments were welcome to my eyes. Thank you!

Well, here I am again fresh back from The New York Society Library (www.nysoclib.org) where a ride on the cage elevator to the correct level of the Stacks, brought me to a gorgeous 1935 edition of Four Hedges. How wonderful to be able to actually borrow this beauty!

Thank you again for pointing me in its direction.


Oh, I DO love Pinterest! I BET there are many JB pins! I LOVE that first picture. My book isn't coming until August. I know I already told you that. I SO look forward to it! I agree with you about the gym bunnies and the vinegar. Absurd. The publisher really should pay for your visit to USA (Denver, please!) because you have so many American fans. Tell them. Smile.

The postman having attempted to deliver your beautiful knitting book found no one in(well the ones
who were in didn't hear him) so had to wait until Friday to collect from depot. I LOVE it!!!

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