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June 18, 2011


Just found this...
wonder if anyone will be able to read the print and actually make one?

Did you see the swimsuits in the Diaghilev exhibition at the V&A? And can you imagine how itchy they'd be on a hot day - and they'd drop to your knees if you got them wet!

We have a hilarious photograph of my father-in-law, aged about three, standing on a beach in a little hand-knitted swimming costume. I do envy you being able to kill time in the NPG - much as I love Bristol, being able to do things like that make me really pine for London.

...sorry, meant to add that the swimming costume was very heavy when wet, apparently. The sand got in too, which added to the bulk!

Love the idea but not the practicality, as others have pointed out. The Diaghilev exhibition was advertised by posters on Tube platforms - I admired the Nijinsky and Nijinskaya one every day at Piccadilly Circus. Would wear one (dry) and I am sure could persuade husband to do the golfing look to complement!

I wish it were cool enough here in the Southern States for knitting of any kind, but at 100 degrees plus, just thinking about yarn makes me sweat! I've been running the a/c in the house cold enough to make you want a jumper though.

love the old photos - much more chic to have one of these bathing suits than seeing bikinis too small for those wearing them.

There is a VERY OLD riddle that goes, "What spends the summer in furs and winters in a bathing suit?" The answer is "a moth", which, of course, only made sense when bathing suits were wool and stored away in the winter. Thanks for all the eye candy.

One of my favourite places too. I hop off the train at Charing Cross and go in just for a few minutes and visit a painting. Sometimes if I have a little longer I go to the top floor cafe and view London. Then go into the shop a buy a few postcards to put on my bedside reading table. Really it is a grown up version of the nature table at school- an ever changing table of my seasonal interests.

Okay - when you turn up on Brighton Beach attired like this do let me know and I will come and watch as you plunge into the icy coldness of the English Channel!

I remember having a turquoise towelling bikini when I was little - both knitting and towelling are hopeless for swimming in! But I thought it was great at the time - grin

I love your colour theme here, Jane. I find Rooster yarns include such marvels as Brighton Rock (pink) and Cornish (cream). They are heaven to work with and, in my humble opinion, would suit your knitting style.

Your blog just gets better and better ;-)

Lol... as the offspring would say!!! There are some things which just don't lend themselves to being knitted .....
Talking of being cold, ventured up to the Frozen North today for the Manchester Open Day! Impressive .....

Those knitted outfits are so jaunty. It's funny, I think we all appreciate knitted items more since the advent of blogging and the handmade movement. These swimsuits would probably have drooped and sagged in the water and been horribly impractical (family anecdotes of wollen swmming trunks confirm this) but they're still wonderful and like you I have an itch to switch from monochrome to technicolour to see them in all their woolly glory.

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