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July 25, 2011


ooooh, as a native of Cork I am fascinated that you mention Barry's tea as one of the reasons this cake shop is attractive.....
Do they use loose Barry's tea or tea bags?

Hurray, my dear 'pastel de nata' here in Yarnstorm. :) It's kind of weird to see them here, but then again, it's an honour. Of course the best place to taste them is here in Lisbon, but this F&W could be a place for those who are far away from home.

What a shame you couldn't self publish and sell it to the Tourist Board or some such body. It all looks delicious.

Those cakes look divine! What a pity your book project has stalled.

I think this sort of book would be very useful to anyone who loves cake... whether there a tourist or Londoner :)
Sue Xxx

Please tell me you have a coffee and cake app in your future plans. And I highly recommend the F&W Clementine cake.

You would post this on a day when I am having a mammogram and my annual well-woman exam (i.e., am fasting so they can do bloodwork). I wasn't hungry when I woke up a few minutes ago. I sure am now!

Oh what a very good idea and yes, Ali is so right, this would make the perfect app. How very kind of you to do the leg work for we lazy cake eaters!

Jane...don't give up on this idea. It is saleable, really!

Anna Marie

I'll keep a note of this shop, thank you so much, as I would never have known about it, or found it, without you! Also, it's near Liberty, so I can eat cake AND buy wool and buttons at the same time! Great!

I've been searching for recommended cake and coffee places in London so this is perfect! Thank you.

I think your blog is the perfect place for this (even better than in print, if I'm honest, as food purveyors can be as fleeting and changeable as blog content these days). I'm only disappointed that I'm nowhere near London

Oh sure show us mouthwatering cake, describe places to eat mouthwatering cake, but don't offer us any. What kind of a hostess are you? Maybe your daughter would make us some? :)

Oh how delicious, as the owner of a cake business myself (though home based), I will really enjoy checking back for more yummy cake reviews. And I'm visiting London next week with my 2 little helpers (Peggy Porschen already on our list of must-eats). Thanks Jane, perfect timing! xx

Oh, I look forward to these episodes of cake and goodies, even though I'm far away.

Why not publish this yourself. You can use blurb, get a designer to make it look beautiful and sell it from the blog.

I'm sure it would be a huge success!!

Oh I love Fernandez & Wells. The only trouble sometimes is getting a seat!

K x

Agree with all the above that mentioned self publishing - even a Bob Book. All look scrummy, but I just love pastel de nata - the sadly defunct Somerfield used to sell them, but haven't seen them for years. In that area of town, I think it must be Wagamama for main and F&W for pudding! As it's the hols now, I am sorely tempted......

Another reason to visit London (as if one needed any more)! I hope it's still in business when I'm able to travel... it could be that long!

Thanks for sharing, it looks really delicious.


I love the idea of capital cakes. These look particulary scrummy. I will have to check your blog regulary and plan a few autumn cake walks.

it's a shame that the book didn't go forward, but it's our great gain to see all of the reviews enticingly displayed here instead :) my mouth is watering!

Great place, one to add to my Liberty-Cloth House-Cos triangle. Thank you.
Re publishing, shame about the book, but if you could compress and rethink it sounds perfect for a Herb Lester map, have you seen these? I have the You Are Here London one, which I really like.
Have a look here for more

I think I'm going to teleport to London right now!!

What a pity the book didn't come to be...
But lucky us blog readers since we now get to look at all the scrumptious pictures and read the really mouthwatering review(s)!
Now could somebody buy me a plane ticket to London, please? ;-)

Love this post! And now I must to London go...

Thank you for sharing, those cakes look delicious! Shame about the book, but this would make an even better iPhone app - some sort of GPS map function where you could see the nearest cake shops to your vacinity and click on them to get the reviews and photos. Would be easier to keep up to date than a book.

Sounds wonderful but expensive! Here in Lisbon you can taste the original pastel de nata for 0,90€ and have a really good espresso for 0,65€ :-)

What a shame this book isn't going to be published! It would have had pride of place on my shelf!

I have already arranged to rendezvous with a friend here on my return to London, thanks to you...I absolutely cannot wait! So much for New York being the King of Cake Shops...I think not! I am very much looking forward to discovering some new gems - thank you Jane! Though I doubt doing all the research was a hardship! Ha!

Ohhhh such a joy to see my local coffee shop here - no wonder I am getting plumper by the second with this calling at 4 o'clock everyday.

The coffee is amazing too

Thank you for sharing, those cakes look delicious!

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