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August 26, 2011


Oh, the first photo doesn't help with my not so recent but very intense desire for a proper Brown Betty of my own,I could always steal my Mum's, but that's just not nice! guess I'll have to order one...

Oh dear, all I'll be doing next time I'm in London is eating cake!

The cake is truly amazing at this place BUT be careful what you order from the savoury menu. Some of it is truly disappointing: ie. a limp, rubbery cheese omelette with no garnish which costs about £7, watery soup served in a huge bowl so it gets cold in seconds.

You should always go for the cream tea (shown in the first picture) which is a bargain with a massive scone, cup of tea, brownie and fruit-cake for something like 8 quid. I agree about how amazing the huge bourbons are, truly they're cake-y works of art.

The Hoxton knitting group meets here sometimes and the service is laughably bad, you have to request your order at least twice before getting it. That's fairly par for the course in Shoreditch cafes, as the staff are normally more interested in posing than working, but you'd expect better from a Conran enterprise.

The cream tea looks fab, and I'm with Linnie Joy...just off to order a brown Betty tea pot!

Can I just say how much I love this series of reviews! I'm a homeschooling mum and I don't get into London (or anywhere else for that matter) as often as I would like. When I do, I always want to go somewhere for tea and cake and, as cake lovers know, a mediocre piece of cake can ruin the whole day. Eating cake - it's a serious business. So thanks so much for all these fantastic suggestions.

Hi Jane,

You had me sold at Brown Betty Teapots! I wish there were more places like this where I live!

Happy weekend!

Just want to say thank you for all your arduous research on our behalf - I really appreciate it! It makes me feel better just knowing that these havens of tea and cake exist in these otherwise rather gloomy times.

The first pic is so nostalgic of childhood holidays to Guernsey, where tea for four on the beach would come in a wooden trug with Brown Betty teapot, thick white china and fruit cake that you precariously carried down very steep steps to the beach! I'm back there - thanks for the memory Jane,

This place is just down the road from me and I keep reading good reviews about it - really must check it out!

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