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September 14, 2011


The Burlington Arcade is a feature of my family folklore - my Mother's engagement ring came from Richard Ogden there. A fact which was etched into my memory before I had ever even been to London.
But I had no idea you could not whistle there.

I always take a trip to dam to marvel at the fashion and the merchandising. ni only wish I could shop there!

You make me want to get into the kitchen right away! Tomorrow we're having cool weather - maybe then.

Hmmmm delicious looking cakes and so chic! Why do they serve such tempting cakes in such a thin persons shop - surely things are out of whack there. Thank you for the insight into such amazing places to go for the ceremony of tea and cake.

A new place to visit - never been! I like the style of Comme des Garcons so will have a look, and stop for tea.Thankyou for the recommendation Jane.

Oh, how scrumptious everything looks!

Looks lovely, but sop seems a bit scary. Nice to know there is Hatchard's to retreat to afterwards.

That carrot cake pic at the top has me wanting to book an immediate flight to London just to sample its wonders.

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