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September 30, 2011


Wrap up the ones you have and save them for the grandchildren. Then try and get it republished by someone/anyone.

I agree with Diane...
I have both copies and I treasure them. I only got the US one so I could actually use the recipes...I really don't like that the language is changed. They think Americans can't understand English or something. LOL!!!

If you republish the British version, I'll buy one. My Americanized one doesn't have the pretty marshmallow - how sad! In general I don't approve of Americaniz(s)ing, but I will say, I bought my copy based on the cover and title alone, so there is some redeeming value in what your publishers did. ;)

I have a spare copy on my shelf that I was keeping to give as a present but now I'm hanging on to it in case disaster befalls my own copy! Could it be made available on kindle? On what grounds do the publishers not want to reprint? Seems crazy!!

I'm so lucky to have one copy here in Italy where I live, and on at our apartment in Helsinki... (I'm finnish) ... both the english version! I will cherish them even more now...

This book saved me. I mean that quite literally. I found it just after I had been forced to leave my university studies, due to an incurable and largely untreatable chronic pain condition. I was lonely and depressed. My dreams for my family's future had been ripped away from me. I didn't know who I was, or who I could be. I was so scared.

And then, I found your beautiful, inspiring, intelligent book. I found that I wasn't a failure because I didn't finish my degree. That I could be at home and still be an interesting, smart woman. That there was so much beauty and value in simple and homely objects and activities. And that I desperately wanted to be able to knit socks.

Today, five years on, I work a couple days a week in a lovely yarn store. I knit constantly (mostly lace, to my surprise!) I bake and cook, and play with colour every day. I painted my bedroom my favourite shade of chartreuse. My pain is mostly under control. My family (husband and two teenage girls) and I are all happier than we have ever been.

This is a very long way of saying that I think this book needs to remain in print. Whether that means finding another publisher, or doing it yourselves, I'm not sure. But I know that this is an important book, and I firmly believe that I am not the only person your book has touched deeply.

Thank you for writing The Gentle Art of Domestiity, Jane. I love it, and I hope that many more people get the chance to read it.

I bought my copy comparatively recently, at an inflated but not ridiculous price on Amazon. I had read so much about the book, and had wanted it for a long time...it did not disapoint. I am sure such a resourceful pair as you and Simon will find a happy solution to your predicament.

Hope this comment doesn't duplicate - problem with sign-in.

(Obviously sign-in problem continues.) Whatever you do, do it quickly. I know of a specialty cookbook (something to do with cooking for babies) that took off in popularity and went out of print only to be kidnapped (read "stolen") and published in Asia -- I think China -- with total disregard to copyright. Then it was dumped cheaply on the American market. The edition I saw was the bogus one. So don't wait. (I have a US edition of Gentle Art. It's a beautiful thing.)

This book also saved me, and became a way to unleash my artistic needs and desires. I could never paint, I can however, knit. I bought the "Americanized" version, because I am American. However, I have had no problems converting your recipes from other books. I would buy a UK version if you did decide to reprint it, because I can never have too many of your books. Speaking of your other books, I am sad at how 'Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer' has languished, but I am grateful that I have a copy, and it is one of my prized books, along with my copy of Alice in Wonderland from the late 1800s.

Find a publisher!! I have tried to buy it as a gift more than once x x

I was foolish and never got a copy - a decision I am now rueing. While it would be easy to get the US edition here in Canada, I would much prefer to find a copy of it as it was meant to be...

Publish yourself, then you'll have complete control.

I have the American copy, only because I did not want to convert all of the recipes. I say publish under a new company! Publish the original. Also, I'm from the United States.

You should most definitely try to publish it again.. with a new publisher if it needs be. I unfortunately haven't got hold of a copy yet, and I want it. :)

I cherish my copy and would never let it go! Yes, the cover is a delight. I think it would be great if you could re-print it, knowing how much I enjoy it, it would bring a lot of pleasure to others, too. It's too soon for it to be out of print.

i would trade my american copy for the original. what a shame there is a difference. its a lovely book and i enjoyed reading it and continue to enjoy looking at it. also i read some of the books you mentioned in the book and loved them. thank you

I say, find a new publisher and re-release (?) the UK version. I would love to have both, currently I have the U.S.version. I'm an American who's spent time living in England - I have ordered the UK versions of your other books as I much prefer them!

I love the British cover, but the American cover is very appealing also.
I had no idea any of the text (besides recipes) had been altered!

I don't have any dramatic story to tell, but when I've been sick or feeling wound-up, it's a big help to look at this book and get back on the right track. It's an important work for that reason. Surely there's a publisher out there somewhere who can see the value in it.

Yes please find a publisher. I missed it first time round and looked recently - but cannot afford the current prices. I love your blog - and your previous blog and would love to have my own copy of the book. I do have the patchwork book. regards Sue

Definitely republish! I have a copy, and am glad that I do - it is one of the most inspirational books that I have read, and made me realize that there was something to do after finishing my PhD. What you have said indicates that there is a demand - and self-publishing is quite a feasible thing to do nowadays - I have a friend who is a successful writer and journalist who does just that with her beautiful, aspirational 'lifestyle' books.

Pomona x

Please republish, I missed out first time round! By the time I found out about the book it was too late - the story of my life!
Julie xxxxxx

I have the American version of your book and I love it. I had no idea that the wording had been altered; that makes me want to read the UK version. I hope it can be published again.

Self publish and retain the control. The Brocket Brand has such huge potential.... Diversify and develop I say! I love my copy of 'The Gentle Art of Domesticity' and I think there are plenty of people out there who need to have the opportunity to discover the value of brocketing! Speak to me about other branding ideas.......

Your book is timeless and will become a classic. It appeals to so many women! Wonderful book to have at reach at all times and fantastic present too.

a a brit-merican(born there but did most of my growing up in the US) i don't think that we really need to translate to "American English" or measurements or... PHOTOS?... what the heck folks!?? i use English cookbooks (that i bought in the US) and have no problem reading books that weren't "translated".
your book was brilliant and all of my friends and I loved it(I did pass my copy around though because they were quite pricy here) I have read and re read it and i have to say its one of my favorites!!!

I'm thinking your own publishing house is in order. Really, times they are a-changing and I think the face of publishing is going to change beyond recognition in the next 5 years or so.
Time to catch a new wave, Brockets. And when you want an intern, you know where to come!

My parents bought me this book when I first moved in with my boyfriend (now husband) and it will always make me think of that very happy time... I love going back to it and will happily pour over it with a cup of tea and a cake time and time again.

If it were easier to get my mits on this book would be my go to present for friends etc....

Good luck!

Wow, I can't believe how much it's selling for on Amazon! But I would never dream of selling my copy, which had such an impact on me. When I first read it I sent you an email thanking you for the inspiration and you sent me a lovely reply. Because of this book I now blog, quilt and knit socks - and I still regularly go back and re-read parts of it. I say go for it and self-publish!

I didn't realise it was out of print until I noticed the price on my Amazon wishlist getting higher!! I was the first person to borrow it from my library and loved it! Whilst on a real economy drive (OH lost his job!) I did't buy any books and have recently started collecting beautiful craft books again. I have the quilting and knitting books which I love but would love to get the 'orignal'. It was my inspiration to try quilting, because of the simple sewing and glorious colours. I loved the fact that intelligence and crafting can walk hand in hand, and that knitting and sewing ( my life long friends) were not just for old ladies, who had nothing better to do! I hated that attitude, and have often been ridiculed by people who said 'why spend all that time to knit a scarf when you can buy hundreds!'... They simply don't 'get it'. you do Mrs Brocket.. and for that I thank you. Re Publish... please!

I have the UK book and its one of my favourites. I've been re-reading it this week whilst I'm sofa bound.

Its definately one of the things that inspired me into blogging.

I'm sure a British version would be very popular in today's recessionary time when people seem to be reconnecting with home.
I'd buy at least one (great present)
I managed to buy a copy of Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer on ebay earlier this year.
Carol xx

Def republish. Your books are divine, your words and images mean a lot to many people (myself included). I've read you for 4 years at least, and your approach helped to give me confidence. Your way with words gives people confidence, and for that myself and, I'm sure, others, are grateful.

Well, I for one am not surprised, it's such a wonderful book. I'm also delighted that I have a copy (thank you Woman's Hour!) as when Ifirst saw Harry Potter, in the Lion and the Unicorn in Richmond, I thought it wasn't worth buying... Big mistake !

Very moved by sophiefair's post...beautifully expressed.

Very moved by sophiefair's post...beautifully expressed. If that's not a good enough reason for re-publishing, what is?! What lovely responses you have elicited, as always.

This is the most read book in my house.It has made my retirement just great. Your knitting book is now running second although with summer coming on I'll be back to quilting. Sadly the only one I haven't got is Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer.Any one looking for the Art of Domesticity could look on the NZ Quilter web site. I saw it on their book list last week. Hope you get it published again.

Oh yes republish the British version please! I didn't discover it's existence until comparatively recently so of course missed out - republish for your new(er) fans!

I got the American version from my local library, and realized within one half hour of reading it that I needed to own it so as to be able to revisit it any time I wanted.

I will say that I felt the Americanization was done a bit too thoroughly for my taste, and I remember wanting to read it with all the British-isms intact. So, here's another vote for a reasonably-priced "original" version!

I really don't like it when publishers Americanize British books. When my son was small I ordered the Thomas the Tank books from England just to keep the original flavor.

That bening said...I ordered several copies of your book as gifts. I want one for myself and will order one today.

This is one of my favorite books of all time. I also prefer the cover. I have it at my bedside for inspiration. I live in the States but have the UK version and prefer it...maybe because it is the original and has a flavor that I imagine is more you.

I love this book and specifically bought the british version as I prefer the design. (I am Canadian so can adapt either way.)Typically the US editions of books have much more literal covers. Definitely get back as many copies as possible. I bet the book will be reissued in the future. Have patience.

I really want to read this book - perhaps it could go on kindle?

Really hoping you will republish. I was kicking myself recently for not having bought extra copies.I'd really like to be able to give a copy to each of my young daughters in years to come. I love the book as it's such a celebration of many skills my mum has passed on to me and that I hope my daughters will also learn, enjoy and appreciate.

Republish -- more specifically -- self-publish.

So my library (or more specifically the library catalogue for the whole county of Oxfordshire) has 1 copy of your book. I reserved it recently, although I don't think that it is the sort of book you get out for 3 weeks, read and return. Anyway, I got lucky and found a copy secondhand on amazon a couple of weeks ago for only £29.99 - phew!. It would be a shame if the book was not more widely available - the demand is certainly there.

I can't believe how lucky I was to buy this book when I did, can't remember who I bought it from but it was obviously through Amazon. It is the English version although the dust jacket is missing. Still, although the jacket is beautiful, I can live without it as long as I have the actual book.

I'm from the US. First I want to say "publishers are idiots". Both for not re-printing, but also for the editing. My family bought a Harry Potter in Dublin on our one trip to Europe, and we love "dustbin" and "jumper" and all the other words stripped from the American versions. It's the version my kids will fight over inheriting.

Second, I'm with sophiefair, this book saved my life. My husband has issues and I was losing my mind, ready to take 3 kids and leave. Every Sunday morning I slip into a hot bath and read Gentle Art. I've baked Rock buns and discovered I LOVE nutmeg. I have syrup from IKEA to try flapjacks. I've watched a lot of the movies, and I like Kim Novak's sweaters in Bell, Book and Candle. I've knit socks, wrist warmers and a shawl. I sewed myself 3 skirts from fabric I've had for 2 decades. And I bought iron-on embroidery transfers, but haven't used them. Now I'm knitting a beaded necklace I found on Etsy for Christmas gifts. Your book helped me reclaim me. Being engaged and creative, I stopped reacting and became proactive again. I'm not depressed anymore. My kids are happier and healthier, my husband is more stable and I am happy. I'm just starting my 3rd read-through and hope to do lots more creating this year.

Self publishing is getting popular here. I'm not sure what that means in terms of success, but you have an established following and many of us would love to have more copies available. I do know the US version is alive and well because the store I bought mine from 3 years ago had a fresh stack of them last week. Usually books here disappear after a few months and we go on-line to find them. The fact yours still has shelf space is a testament to its popularity.

I'm quite sad to hear the UK edition is out of print. :( I treasure my Americanized book--bought because it was what was easily available, but I would have LOVED to have had the version--as it was meant to be! Good luck.

Americans are some of your biggest fans. Tired of the word "Americanise". Some of us Americans can actually figure out your British ways of doing things (recipes etc.) You lost me on this one. Don't really care what my "British" version is worth - I happen to just like hearts in general.

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