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September 08, 2011


Can't wait to start a project from your knitting book! I've had it for a bit, but am waiting for the weather to get a bit cooler to get in the mood for wool yarn.

Hi Jane. I think that you are right about favourites. I only have one child and I call her my "best girl" and I'll always call her that whether or not she remains an only child. I just made a "bloomer" coat hanger for her based on the idea in your knitting book. She was very pleased with it and it is now hanging on display with her ballet dress. Bx

To this day, it's silly, but my adult children still ask who is my favorite and I still say 'you are'. Now, with the three grandgirlies I get asked the same thing and it's ALWAYS the same answer. Works for me! Someday, after I'm gone I think about when they get together and tell each other 'Mom said I was the favorite' and the others can say 'no I was'. Hee-hee!!!

Can I be your favorite blog reader? (I was going to say follower, but that sounded rather cult-like ;)
PS Love the cushions.

I believe your book is on order at our library, and I look forward to seeing it.

I am working my way through your knitting book. So far cable socks,teacosy with flowers, dish cloths.Love everything. I've found a great gadget for making your flowers. It comes with a french knitting bee kit.The tuning fork looking thing is for making pompoms 2 sizes but perfect for your flowers.Yes my favourite blog!

My three are all my favourites. And when I taught I had another 30 "favourite" children every year! Children do need to feel important and loved by all the important adults in their lives and I always worried about the little lambs who weren't "favourites" at home!

The cushions look fantastic - they look like old fashioned school caps - whilst you are on the school unionform theme! An inspiration - thank you.

Yes, I'd agree. Luckily I have one girl and one boy, so they are my favourite daughter and son or my special girl and my special boy.

Dawn x

PS love the cushions - they are on my to-do list!

Exactly! And it's not just because it's what every child wants to hear ... it's true !

I often say- you're my favourite son or you're my favourite daughter. as I only have one of each, it works for me!

Thank You. I just emailed both my daughters telling them they are my favorite and they can stop their trickery now even though both are adults! Truly, this brought tears to my eyes and thought it was wonderful.

Jane- you are my 'favourite person I haven't met but want to have over for tea, drinks and/or dinner.
You had me with wanting to keep Alan Bennett in your airing cupboard but then you did even more yesterday.
I drove to Toronto yesterday from my small town to buy yarn for a first fall project and came home with wonderful Blue Sky Baby Alpaca in Cherry Red, Orange Peel, Pesto and Dijon to make you guessed it- gay round cushions. I printed your inspiring picture from the book before leaving in the morning. Can you imagine how I felt when I opened yesterday's post last night! I am pouring us both a Campari and Orange Drink right now... do come over...
p.s. I have three favourite children!

Jane, we have eight children and, like you, are smart enough to tell each one that they are our favorite. And, usually, at the very moment they ask, we're all alone and they are my favorite (at the moment!).

Excellent advice,


I suppose I was very lucky. I never had to ask whether I was the favorite - somehow it was always very clear that I, of course, was the favorite! (he, he)

The cushions are lovely and surprisingly easy. It is tempting to make far more than I could ever use or give as gifts!

And this is my favourite post in your blog, which is also my favourite - along with other posts of yours, and other wonderful blogs.
(Seriously, though - these are truly lovely!)

I just got the U.S. edition of The Gentle Art of Knitting last night at a local book store. (Just after visiting the local yarn store, of course!) I look forward to reading it thoroughly.

I also like to think of knitting as "painting with yarn." Sometimes picking out the yarn is "my favorite!" part of knitting. : )

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