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October 29, 2011


This was very timely, thank you Jane. Planning a trip up to Kew and was wondering about nice places to eat!

Oh, boy - this sounds awfully good. We're supposed to have a big snowstorm (yes!) today, and aren't pastry and goodies an important part of snowstorms?

Kew's quite nearby for me - must go and see!

Oh, you are taking me down memory lane. I remember my first trip to see the gardens at Kew, and not long after getting off the Tube, seeing Maids of Honor.

Now, here is the sad bit. I did not go inside, but kept on walking down that avenue to get to the gardens.

Next two times, I took the Tube out to Kew, I repeated this mistake. I cannot explain what kept me from sampling those delicious baked treasures.

I think I will make a pledge, to myself, that whenever I do eventually get back to London, I will take that trip out to Kew, and will make sure to have tea and cake/s at Maids of Honour. Hoping that no changes to tradition will be made until I get there!

oh gosh, this looks so, well, so....british!
Beautiful pictures. Make me wish I could go there and "waste" my money!
thank you!

Wow, we went to Kew Gardens yesterday and popped into Tikki on the way past (quick visit as it was busy and had 3 daughters in tow so need to go back) and I saw the sign for this but didn't take any notice. As I can walk there from where we are staying for 3 months whilst in UK....I'll be back. Thanks!

And wow just discovered the whole Capital Cakes series....now I have to aim to visit them all whilst I'm here! Thanks

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