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October 12, 2011


And also, don't forget the V&A Reading Rooms, which have a rather nice wine bar attached! http://www.vandareadingrooms.co.uk/

It's my favourite place to meet friends in London - the ratio of cafe time to culture time has definitely increased to the detriment of the waistline!

Pomona x

Fantastic, my husband works at Imperial, so next time I pop into see him I'll stop for tea and cake first!

I used to go to the V&A every weekend nearly with my mother in the mid 70's. Then you could purchase an empty plate for something like £1/£1.50 can't remember and you could go back and forth to the buffet table as many times as you like for lunch. There was always cold meats, salads and their sausages were wonderful! Then things change for the worse! Haven't been back since then!
Julie xxxxxxx

I think that campaign ran when I was living there! I had so little money then I know I didn't stop to eat, but based on your post I guess I didn't miss anything.

Sob. To think I used to get to eat lunch in there every day! No longer!

Though for all its glory, it does have a severe lack of seating. If I had to hear one more person complain to me about the a) lack of tables b) overpriced food by the time I left, I wouldn't have been responsible for my actions! What do you want me to do about it, then?!

The gamble room is glorious, and a perfect place to rest weary feet!

Nothing like a cake stop after a mornings' cuture walk. I occasionally suffer from museum-neck which requires soothing with tea, paracetamol and cake. The problem I now seem to have developed is a cake-spare-tyre! What next?

I agree entirely but would like to add that, during the summer months, visitors have the added option of eating outside in the quadrangle. We did so on our latest visit. It was a gloriously hot afternoon and I kicked off my sandals and refreshed my weary feet in the pond, watching the children frolic in the water. A couple of them contrived to get so wet they required a complete change of clothes. (What well prepared parents they had!) I could have sat there for hours but suddenly the heavens opened and we had to run for shelter.

I was at the V&A this summer - missed the cafe much to my dismay! Good reason to go back though!

Jane, on my many visits to London over past decades, I always managed to have a lunch or tea break at the V&A, having had a marvelous time visiting various galleries, and enjoying the privilege of sketching up in the chilly space of the textile study space.

Ahhh, memories. If and when I do get back to London, I will have to see what the current cafe has on offer to compare with my memories, while also include lots of impromtu conversations with folks sharing a table with me.


Good grief. Is that the most beautiful place you have eaten cake? The combination of those exquisite ceilings and the modern pendant lamps is wonderful.

THe V&A cafe is indeed fabulous. We were there when we visited London last November and marvelled at how beautiful the rooms were (we sat in the Poynter room because that was the only area we could find a seat it was that busy). Plus (and this is the main thing for me when it comes to eateries) the tea and cake were fantastic. The cafe also gets a thumbs up from me!
Dawn x

It is a lovely spot for tea and cake - worth mentioning that they have a truly good selection of gluten free cakes and savoury dishes which is such a treat. Makes a lovely change from being offered (yet another) gluten free chocolate brownie.

The last time I went to the V&A (earlier this month) they had a tower of fabulous meringues as big as your head. Stunning!

Hi Jane,
I love and adore the V&A and of course the new cafe. Fantastic place!
xoxo Ingrid

How I miss it! Used to go there loads of times for lunch or tea with my husband who works at Imperial. Loved the magnificence of the rooms and the environment... No longer in London...
Have a tea for me!

Am loving this series of blog posts (planning a London trip around them!)



Yes, beautiful rooms and lovely cakes but frustratingly annoying layout that means you have to go from counter to counter to collect different types of lunch, cake and coffee - near-impossible if you have small children in tow (as I usually do). The outside cafe is therefore much preferable with small children but used to only be open til the end of September, irrespective of the weather, which is a shame.

Benugo have been the caterers at eh Museum of Childhood (V&A)Bethnal Green for some time now - also good for both adults and children...one of the best macaroni cheese bakes I have had! and yummy biscuits -

For the past 20 yrs My most fav place, to take a minuate ot two & have tea in london.

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