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October 17, 2011


Amazing location - it seemed vaguely familiar when I saw it in your book, and having looked at the website now I know why. Much better to use the nice things everyday - I take that view with cashmere cardis - they do me no good at all hidden away in a drawer so I wear them for dog walking as much as for best!

Pomona x

Beautiful - and a timely reminder that I wanted to add a hydrangea to my wishlist for the garden.
Not keeping things for best is a new year's resolution I stole some years ago from a friend. I renew it each year and enjoy seeing my 'best' china and glass out and in our hands. Maybe this is a quilt for honoured guests?

The best things should definitely see the most use. I too love Mollie Makes - especially the cover kits.

I totally agree with you. We use crystal wine glasses that were a wedding present as our every-glass-of-red glasses, I eat my toast on fine bone china and I don't have any precious quilts - life is short..we should all use and enjoy what we love.

Congratulations on having it featured in Mollie Makes! I love that magazine.

I love that quilt so much! It has a real vintage-y feel to it .... and Mollie Makes is good too!

Yes, I know that feeling too. Especially with fabrics; I put it aside for something very special and one day, I don't really like it so much anymore. Silly really. Love the hydrangeas quilt too and have made it several times already.

Out into the light of day, where it belongs! Your quilts are all so fabulous.

The cover quilt is my favourite one too! So inspired I searched out fat quarters of some of the yummy fabrics to make 'vintage style' quilts for my teenage daughters bed!

Surely everyday is a day for your 'best' stuff? (I only came round to this idea when during the clear out of my Grandmother's house we found a drawer of 'best stuff' that was carefully wrapped in tissue paper-unused & by then she couldn't use it...) Get it out & enjoy it!

This so gorgeous Jane, and I will look for Molly Makes so I can see the article!
I made the decision when I started quilting that my quilts were going to be made to be used and loved! And they are!! Thanks for inspiring me to get started :)

Hi Jane,
That quilt would be my 'best' as well! Wonderful colours.
I bought the first issue of Molly Makes from W.H Smith and was hooked and I am now a subscriber as I don't want to miss any issues.
xoxo Ingrid

I love Mollie Makes too, and have bought each edition. I have a small pretty collection of vintage china from which to drink tea and eat dinner, pudding and cake; hear hear Nell. I do have, though, a collection of 'best' fabrics which I just look at and sigh - I really need to turn turn them into something which befits their loveliness!

What a beautiful quilt! And what excellent advice to use things that sometimes hide away in cupboards and trunks for 'best'. And finally thank you for reminding me about trolls, Petticoat and Jackie magazines! They brought back some happy memories.

Trying to use my best teacup for everyday. Funny, another blog had the same message today.

Beautiful Jane!!!!!

I agree about taking 'best' things out of their cupboards and using them. I am in the process of decluttering my house in preparation for moving abroad. There are things I never knew I had, and now will never use. If I had a quilt like yours it would be on my bed straight away!

Two things come to mind; my eightyeight year old mother still keeping back two wardrobes full of clothes 'for best', and the ancient mosaic floor of a cathedral - although which one escapes me - that can only be seen as a foot square panel through glass. It may last forever and a day but will never be seen as it should be seen. Use it up, wear it out I say - then bring on the new!

My daughter and I are agreed that we are far too likely to keep "best" things stored away rather than using them -- often to the extent that they go bad (soap doesn't keep forever) or ... are no longer to our taste, once we stop hiding them away.

Working on getting "best" things out where they can be appreciated and loved to death, rather than languishing somewhere, in the dark.....

I love the quilt! Beautiful!

I had several "bests" when I was younger, too.

It's a stunner Jane!

This is my favorite quilt in the book and I hope to make one someday.

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