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December 29, 2013


More amazing shots! Thankyou for introducing me to the delights of Carlisle, Swindon, Chicester and Wolverhampton! I must visit myself now. I agree, the Rennie MacIntosh school gates are superb - I made a pilgrimage of the MacIntosh trail in and around Glasgow a few years ago. Looking forward to more . . .

I love this series and the whimsy of your award names. I want to get to Britain as soon as I can and make a leisurely tour of all nooks and crannies. I think it will take a year! I'm looking forward to the book.

The more photos of your Provincial Tour you post, the more I think that a book would be lovely! They also make me want to set out on my own Provincial Tour. So many gems in unexpected places.

Jane, I appreciate your views of the world...through both words and photos :) I just mentioned you as a part of my blogging lineage in my last post, in fact. And I think it would be delightful should you ever share your views of Tattershall Castle in Lincolnshire. My Bradstreet ancestors were involved in its history before venturing to New England so I am especially curious about it. But in truth I have discovered I enjoy exploring whatever interests you! As I have mentioned before, you even have a way of drawing me to contemplate subjects that I did not know I could find fascinating [such as wine, which I have rarely tasted :)] Thanks for posting!

That river of forget-me-nots!Swoon. You know, the more of your photos I see, the more I want to go back to the UK, and this time will not miss Hull and other interesting places in your provincial tour. Thanks for the colour, Jane. Happy new year to you.

I would love you to write a guide book in fact the government should commission you!
It would be an antidote to all the destructive, demoralising, negative rubbish that's out there from people who only look for the worst of everything.
I really enjoyed your Capitol cakes run of blogging so perhaps your guidebook could also contain caf├ęs, bookshops and the odd yarn/haberdashery store?
Bless you Jane keep up the good work

Hello Jane,
A friend and I had the best day out yesterday following your Shoreditch Street art recommendations (via the 243 from Waterloo). We then walked on to the beautiful houses of Spitalfields(dressed with excellent Christmas wreath finery),the Style market,excellent Fish and Chips at Poppies before taking the number 15 to Somerset House to admire the skaters and walking back over the bridge. Bright blue skies added urban perfection!
We spoke at the Persephone event - and I would definitely love to see a travel book by you. If Guidebooks in their current incarnation are no more, then they can be replaced by "edits" or "curations" guides - and why that works for me - is I trust and value your wider taste from a greater selection of what life has to offer so I know if you've enjoyed something, I'm likely too as well. And that trusted and liked recommender seems to tie in with the Social Media dynamic more than the traditional "Brand" of a travel guide.(Aside from which, my 2012 Lonely Planet London doesn't seem to have anything on the Shoreditch Street art!)
I also now have my Art Pass - so am looking forward to lots of exploring and viewing in 2014.
So thank you so much for the inspiration.

On guidebooks generally, I still enjoy them and use them when visiting new places. I don't travel much within the UK, but your provincial posts are convincing me that I should and if there were a book by you that I could take as inspiration that would be ideal. I love your photographs and your way of looking at the world. I live in Bloomsbury and get completely overexcited whenever you post about your visits there because it makes me see all my familiar and favourite places afresh. In fact, I would even buy a guidebook to my own neighbourhood if it were by you. Maybe the concept of 'guidebook' just needs to be reframed to convince the publishers. Thank you so much for your blog. It's brilliant and beautiful. My essential lunchtime reading to brighten the dreary office day and remind me of the things I love in life! All best wishes for 2014.

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