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December 30, 2013


I loved them all but the first photo is just so beautiful!

I am so enjoying these posts! How important it is to look around - pay attention - enjoy where you are. You have an abundance of that ability.

I got a little confused by the fishmonger sign at first and thought it said live rabbits!

I enjoy your posts so much! thanks for continuing to share what you see.

The very best to you and yours in the New Year.

"A lot of people look but don't see." Paul Smith
The above is a quote from the Paul Smith Exhibition at the Design Museum this certainly does NOT apply in your case! You have the "eye" - I like your way of seeing things and I like your style and camera work.
I am very excited about your proposed Provincial Tour Guide Book - I enjoy your perspective on architecture and art and if you can include where we can get tea and cake and there are some quirky details so much the better - we do not need a comprehensive guide but YOUR take on a place. It was great to see you at the Persephone bookshop before Christmas and I wish you a happy and productive 2014.

Jane, thank you so much for all these Provincial Highlights. Each of your December posts have been Christmas gifts for my eyes. It was fun to recognize a few of the places as places my own eyes had feasted upon.

I a belated in mentioning how much I like the golden basket weave paving photograph in your December 9 Hove, Actually post. I even made a little sketch of the grid, to remind me to someday visit Hove. My day trip train ride to Brighton, years ago, occurred on Remembrance Sunday, and the train did stop at 11.

Please do proceed with a series of Provincial Tour Guidebooks!

Best wishes for 2014. xo

I have been planning a trip to England using YOUR blog entries as a guide!

Loving these snapshots of provincial life! Whatever took you to Wakefield? Not a place I would ever think of going 'to see' but it just goes to show.....

This is such a good idea, I love how you keep your camera with you throughout the year then draw it all together in these posts. I hope it's as much fun remembering all of the trips as it is reading the posts :)

I am as fascinated by your decision to re-instate your 'comment' facility as I was by your decision to block it. I would not presume to second guess though I have my theories..!
Looks like we have all been here though, all along, enjoying your view of life.
Thank you for not stopping the blog, and wishing you and your family health and contentment in 2014.

Fab photos and writing as ever. Totally concur with Penny Miller's comments... I've still been here, reading with interest. Very best wishes for the new year!

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