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December 28, 2013


Technically, we are all dying, but still have a long life ahead of us...so even if the guide book market is dying, I think the same can apply! I know that I for one would be interested in a guidebook about the places you have been, looking at things from the quirky and lovely angles we have come to know through your blog and other books...perhaps even an adult version, and a version for kids, or places to visit with kids, that could build on from Cherry Cakes and Ginger Beer and Ripping Things To Do....

Fabulous Jane Brocket-----surely you know that a guide book by you would be a treat beyond delight for your many fans.Please write it IMMEDIATELY!

Fabulous Jane Brocket-----surely you know that a guide book by you would be a treat beyond delight for your many fans.Please write it IMMEDIATELY!

Having given us a sneak preview, you have to present the finished oeuvre! I would pre-order a guide book by you and wait with eager anticipation....!

Jane, guide books may be dead, but Susan Branch had to have three reprints of her "A Fine Romance:Falling in Love with the English Countryside" before she finished her booksigning tour this year. It is true that it is all in the perspective, and I have always enjoyed your perspective.

Can't think of many things that I would like to read as much as this. Appreciate the quirkiness of an individuals view, we have a wonderful country, I love to celebrate that. A guidebook sounds perfect.

If you need tips about places in Lincoln to visit, drop me an email when you can

Hope you had a good Christmas

Anna Marie

If you wrote a guidebook, I would put England on the top of my travel list, as I love so many of the things you write about. Your home country has so many different place to visit, it seems a bit overwhelming to choose whee to go, and I'm sure a guide by you would be wonderful. Thanks in advance.

"where" to go, not "whee" :)

I would buy this guide book even if I knew that I would never come to England. I often notice that people travel to faraway must-have-seens but donĀ“t know the wonderful things they could visit within one day.

You could be the 21st century John Betjeman! I can even see a TV series. You're far more photogenic and well dressed than Michael Portillo, for starters. :) You know I think this is a marvellous idea, and in the current economic climate more and more people are staying put for holidays so there is definitely a captive audience waiting for a guide book like this. I recently got this amazing guidebook which is fabulous, filled with all of the cultural/foodie/off the beaten path stuff and so well designed - http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-New-York-Times-Hours/dp/3836526409/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1388320629&sr=8-2&keywords=taschen+36+hours - you might find it a useful inspiration!

MY GOODNESS - yes a guide book would be fantastic - was hoping this was your intent. Bronwen - a Canadian reader.

Not sure if this is an indicator, but walking guides still seem sell well, eg Valerie Belsery and her walking guides to South Devon, computers have not supplanted everything yet. A quirky one persons view type guidebook could be worth a go, but Jane you have not visited Totnes and South Hams yet. Totnes is a small town, it has 40 eateries, 8 pubs, 5 crafting shops, 5 bookshops, several good shoe and clothing shops, you can go out and sociaise every night of the week, the Anne of Cleves teashop awaits you!

Yes please, particularly if based on places accessible by train (from Edinburgh.......). I enjoyed your blogs from Helsinki which I know pretty well, so I'm sure I would benefit from your recommendations re British cities.
Thanks for all your blog posts so far

Oh, have you read "To Say Nothing of the Dog" by Connie Willis? Its about the bombing of the Coventry cathedral, the quirks of Victorian manners and households and well, time travel. But don't let the time travel turn you off, its great! I've never been to England, and Ive enjoyed your virtual Provincial Tour - thanks so much.

I'm also delighted (from a few posts ago) that they are reprinting "The Gentle Art of Domesticity". That is one of my go to books when I need cheering up.

I've enjoyed all these posts from your travels. As someone who has recently moved to the UK from Canada, I never get tired of visiting new towns and cities and doing my own urban exploring. I've not found a dud yet - there is always a quirky shop or cafe or unusual bit of architecture or some historical or literary resonance that takes my fancy. Same goes for the countryside - the walking in the UK is so fabulous, it's definitely one of the things I moved here for.

Thank you so much for writing your blog. I love the extremely thoughtful mixture of yarn, fabric, travel, art and literature.

After a far-too-brief visit to London this summer (an anniversary weekend while my spouse studied music in Gent, Belgium for the summer), and the hope of another perhaps longer visit to England next summer when he returns to Gent, I'd like to see a guide to off-the-beaten-track yarn shops and fabric stores and thrift/charity shops that have needlework supplies. Maybe even those that are not off the beaten track. For example, I found Liberty of London with no problem whatsoever and had to content myself with very limited purchases of Liberty fabric due to the expense (made worse for us Americans by the exchange rate). But a few weeks after returning to the States I happened upon a website which mentioned another fabric store in London that offers small pieces of Liberty at more affordable prices. Wish I had known about that before. So if you are thinking of writing any guides, I'd vote for the budget-minded needlewoman's guide to shopping London and environs.

Another comment, if I may...I'd been looking forward to the release of your Quilt Me! book. Our U.S. Amazon said Jan. 2 for the release date, so I made a note to go to Amazon.com this evening to buy the book. Much to my surprise, Amazon.com says that the book is out of print. Any insight as to why it does not seem to be available here in the U.S.? Is it just a matter of waiting? But previously it said "not yet released, available for pre-order" and now it is saying "out of print".

Again, thank you for your blog.

Please get this book published, I would love to read it. The UK is no longer home for me, I now live in Switzerland, so I would love a guide to the country where I lived for my first quarter century, now that I am approaching 15 years away. I love your writing, with heartfelt appreciation.

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