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January 23, 2014


These are lovely aren't they? They remind me of linocuts and I've always loved the unexpected details on the women - court shoes and handbags!

do you know Harry Clarke's work? lots "beyond saints"!

I love decent stained glass. These are excellent.

These are amazing. If I am ever in Bristol, I will certainly go and see them on a sunny (hopefully!) day!

Harry Clark's work is out of this world. There is a group of Harry Clark windows in an ex convent chapel in Dingle, Co Kerry which are a vision.

Have you ever been to Melbourne? The National Gallery of Victoria's Leonard French stained glass ceiling is astonishing - his figurative work is in the Great Hall of University House, in Canberra, but the glass ceiling is illuminated patchwork. As school children we were always encouraged to lie on the carpet to view it -- and last week there were still children being 'carpet angels', rapt with the energy and beauty of the glass. Absolutely worth a detour.

If you can do go and see the Pauline Boty exhibition at the Pallant House gallery. http://tinyurl.com/Pauline-Boty-Pallant-House
I saw it in Wolverhampton. Wonderful. she studied at the School of stained glass at the RCA 1958 -1961 and had wonderful Pop Art work. A neglected gem of an artist with a sad short life. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pauline_Boty

I know nothing about stained glass, other than the catholic church windows from my youth. Dutch tv recently aired a wonderful programme on Brian Clarke's glass work that blew my socks off.

Not sure if you can watch it from abroad, here's his website

Intrigued by any stained glass that isn't religious or Tiffany… Thanks for the tips!

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