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January 27, 2014


Dou you have any recommendations on what to see in Shoreditch or Barbican areas of London?

No comment sorry, except it felt rude to be excluded from your blog as if we were worthless, when it was your readers who supported your work and made your career possible. But just as you moved on from us, I also moved on. From what I can see from your comments restarting again, not even a welcome and hello!

The real highlight was the hotel!? Not seeing your beautiful offspring!?!?!?!?!?! mwah xxx

Coincidentally we also stayed it the Ace Hotel on Saturday night! We are now nearer 70 than 60 & were also made to feel very welcome; the staff were really helpful & friendly. Loved the urban chic decor. Downside was that it was incredibly noisy overnight as our room was at the front, albeit on the 5th floor, so we thought might have made it quieter. Also the bar is very small & we couldn't get a drink at 9pm as the crush was 10 deep.

Despite these details would certainly stay there again.

Didn't eat there but at the Princess of Shoreditch just 5 mins walk away. Fabulous meal.

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