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January 26, 2014


FYI, I received a message from Amazon US yesterday (1/25) stating it was not known when 'Quilt Me' would be available and offering the option to cancel my order. I have, and ordered from Amazon UK (which shipped immediately).

I am now in proud possesion of your new book, and am loving browsing through it! I think the vintage linen one will be my first project.

LOooove the book and am in search of deckchairs to chop up ;)

Congrats on your book Jane , those are lovely fabrics of needlepoint..

it must weigh a ton and give you dead legs !

I love the needlepoint quilt blocks. Did you do these or are they small pieces that you picked up somewhere?

That must have been such hard work on your hands, stitching canvas squares... but it just goes to show that when it comes to patchwork and quilts, you don't always have to think of cotton fabrics, or woollen ones.

On reading this I was reminded of the Gentle Author in his 'Spitalfields Life' blog on the quilt he made to share with his cat Mr. Pussy


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