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January 06, 2014


As a longtime sufferer of hyacinth itch, I am able to love these beauties from a safe distance only. Thank you for such beautiful colors! Take care, Byrd

I love hyacinths - beautiful photo!

I love them and was looking to buy some today as I've not been organised to buy/ plant any in Nov. Thnak you

Mine are not doing very well, no growth in the last month :( still, they'll flower eventually, and they'll be lovely when they do!

Mmm, I can imagine the scent!

I am indeed going to do just that! Will go along to my garden centre this weekend. Love hyacinths and agree about galleries displaying flower paintings at this time of year!

Mine all came out together. Three in a pot as a present. All the same beautiful bluey purple. But the scent was very over powering and drifted around the house into every corner!

What a splendid idea about seasonal art - there must be hundreds of pices of work languishing in provincial galleries and store rooms for lack of wall space. What joy those little pieces would bring when glimpsed in an informal setting.

Hyacinths. I wonder if I'm the only person who finds their scent overpowering? I'm happy to admire on canvas or at a distance.

Felicity I know you're not the only person who finds the scent too much - I had to take a pot of them out of my room at work as some people told me the smell gave them a headache and others that it smelt like infected urine (I'm a GP).

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