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January 19, 2014


Congratulations, you! It looks glorious.

At the moment it is the shot cottons range called Modern Solids. May change tomorrow though.

My favourite is Liberty Tana Lawn - definitely! I treat myself to a piece whenever I'm in London.
I shall certainly look out for your book

At the moment it's brushed cotton plaids and ginghams, because I am about to start making an old fashioned looking quilt with these fabrics, appliqueing felt flowers, hearts, animals on plain coloured squares and the small ginghams. But when this project is eventually finished, who knows?

My favourite are used cotton fabrics in bright coulours like pink,red and orange or from used clothes made of cotton.
Greetings from Germany,

Another great book finished! I admire your energy! Congratulations!

My "Best ever" is the geranium fabric of Philip Jacobs, Tobacco. And I can't do without all the shot cottons of Kaffe Fassett!

Greetings - and: quilt on!^^

At the moment I'm loving soft fine needlecord so would be very interested to see how it can be used in quilting. The book looks like another little gem - I bet you're grinning from ear to ear! Well done x Jane

Just about to venture into the world of quilting my inspiration is my mum she started a quilt which I would love to finish using not only the fabrics she left us but also using fabrics from things that remind us of her :-) looking forward to reading your book Jenny xx

I have 2 pagne (4 yards) ish of fabric I bought in Rwanda when we were living there. It has a cream background which was completely atypical for the local preferences. One day the perfect project will come up, I'm sure...

I have loved nigerian adire fabric since being taught how to make a basic version as a teenager at museum club in Bristol

Dear Jane
My favourite fabric at the moment is the V and A Benedictus fabric in the navy/blue colourway. I particularly love the bold floral design which (to use a hackneyed, but in this case true, phrase) makes my heart sing! I have used it in some bunting but am thinking that I NEED to use it in other projects too.
Best wishes

May I say organza? Because just the word alone makes me think about balls and parties, and lovely summer evenings...and how inspiring and magical fabric can be. Looking forward to reading your book for more practical inspiration!

I love any Amy Butler fabric! Thanks for the chance. Cheers LynS

Charley Harper from Birch it's so special.

My current favourite is Liberty Art Fabric- Lawn cotton Isle of Wight. It is delicious in candy pinks and reminds me of summer holidays as a child. I am going there this summer to visit Osborne House in search of Victoriana. I would love to buy a little of this fabric and make a quilt, which pattern I don't know yet. But it will be influenced by Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace which has the theme of quilts running through the book.I shall be looking the designs up to see which is suited to a candy pink quilt.

My favourites have always been all florals of Liberty Tana Lawn, but now I can't decide between those and Dutch reproduction fabrics of antique florals in muted colours,tulips
and flowers in graphic arrangements.My mum who was a very talented quilter left a basted quilt with these fabrics which I'm going to finish(enlarge and add another backing fabric).She died at the age of 92 last year and left a house full of fabrics,quilts and other treasures....

Congratulations on the new book, Jane - I can't wait to see it. Normally, my fabrics of choice are vintage and embroidered tablecovers and cloths. However, I'm currently lusting after Mark Hearlds' Harvest Hare in corn (amongst others) as I love linocut artwork and any opportunity to get more of it into the home is not to be missed.

So hard to choose just one favourite, but the Ava Rose line by Tanya Whelan is one I absolutely love. Can't wait to see the new book!

I have admired the Gee's Bend quilts for years and just this winter made my own work-clothes quilt out of old jeans and scraps. So right now, my favourite fabric is denim, softened by years of wear.

Favourite fabric - now that is a tough one. I guess it depends on what I am working on, which is usually several quilts at once in various stages from piecing to applique, from quilting to finishing. I find stripes and polka dots lively, batiks are hard to cut in to (so beautiful) and then there are the "conversation" prints and the surprise prints that look like one thing from a distance and something completely different when you are close to them. I am looking forward to actually seeing the Downton Abbey fabrics and hope they are as wonderful as they look on the computer screen!

In your last post you talked of how difficult you find it to dispose of books, and of the storage problems that creates. Well, me too - and the same goes for fabric in my house. So when it comes to choosing a favourite I don't know where to start as it's all good in the right place. The quilt made from velvet and tweeds on the cover of your book looks intriguing for example! When you find a fabric you love it can take you in an interesting direction sometimes. I guess for quilting I like bright, happy colours in general but I can't think of any particular designer or range at the moment.

I love seersucker because it reminds me of summer dresses I wore as a child.

For me it's the dutch fabric Sits a floral fabric much seen in traditional costumes.

I love light, silky, buttery cotton voile. It makes for wonderful summer tops/dresses.

Plain old 100% cotton!

I love silk and tweed. I particularly like to recycle old clothes such as making scarves from old summer skirts. Next project will be making a quilt from old tweed-like trousers.

Your quilts have always inspired me and I am sure this book will too!

Congratulations on your new book! My favorite fabrics are my shibori hand dyed fabrics.

Oh dear. Pick just one? How to choose, between a soft cotton knit tshirt, and sturdy black denim for jeans, and a cotton ikat or batik or a Kafe Fassett plaid for art work, and flannel sheets, and a wool blanket, and a cashmere sweater, and a rain-proof jacket for visiting Venice in the rainiest spring in recent memory? Just to name a few of the myriad choices? I can't pick just one. (Thinking about your next post, and imagining picking just one book.....)

My favourite is any vintage fabric, especially old floral cotton prints - I am hoarding a pile of this at the moment as I am too scared to cut into it! Thanks for the giveaway!

Favorite fabric is a hard thing to choose! I would have to say that I love a nice wool, I'm thinking Harris Tweed or a lovely plaid. That probably makes my heart sing the most, followed by raw silks, and then... you see, if you love fabric, you love fabric!
Thanks for the chance to win!

has to be old velvet and wool suit material....the scratchy kind.....nostalgic i guess and neither suitable for quilts....or maybe they are? congratulations on the book...eagerly awaited

I really like a Japanese fabric called chirimen. It is woven with a sort of wavy texture which I like to run my hands across, and it comes in an array of dazzlingly colourful and intricate prints.

Congratulations it looks super. My favourite fabric at the moment is soft fleece for handmade onesies.

Cotton shirts - any that were my father's, my husband's and now even my sons!

I love fleece for winter. Congratulations!

liberty's tana lawn

Voile -- it's so cool and soft and light -- that's my favorite.
Congratulations on your new book, Jane.

What a difficult and interesting question! It depends upon my need and the use. I love small polka dots on cotton, Liberty prints, linen, and heavyweight damasks for trimming and backing pillows (cushions).

Flannelette sheets, I have to sleep in these even in summer!
I would love a quilt made of small squares of flannelette backed with flannelette!

I love linen. Looking forward to your book, whether I win it or purchase my own copy!

I am going through a linen phase right now- the book looks wonderful!

I love velvet. Soooo luxurious and soft!

Liberty tana lawn, soft, strong, beautiful to wear and sew.

[email protected]

Anything bit unusual. Found some pretty fabric with butterflies on and another with a scotty dog design, but Amy Butler's designs are a hit with me (price dependant though) :-)

Corduroy - as, when worn as trousers, it squeaks like a guinea pig as you walk. Perfect.

My favourite fabric is fine needle cord. My earliest memory is of walking downstairs in a needle cord pinafore dress which was red with little toys all over it. I must have been about three!

My favourite fabric is Liberty tana lawn. It makes buttery soft pyjamas and, of course, quilts! My current favourite print is the turquoise and orange Oscar print - delicious!

Love flannel

Red and white spots and red and white gingham, nearly everything I make has a little piece of one of these fabrics in. Must say something about me!

I love a good cotton -- something like Kona Cotton -- that a print will really pop against.

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