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January 19, 2014


100% cotton!

How lovely, I will look forward to reading it! Favourite fabrics ATM are Kaffe Fassett because of the vibrant colours, ideal for a quilt for my teenage daughter.....

Vintage silk velvet is heavenly in any color!

For me it's good old plain cotton because it is perfect for tie-dyeing which I am hoping to incorporate in a quilt I want to make soon :)

Linen! Any weight. Ironed and crisp or soft and crumpled - I love it all.

I've helped my grandmother and mother make quilts when I was a child, but have not attempted one myself. I'd like to try! My favourite fabric is cotton gingham in any colour, but especially red and white.

Anything cotton but denim is at the top of the list right now. I'm cutting 3" and 6" wide strips for quilt backings. I love how denim has many shades of blue and also how it 'weathers'. I'm happy to see your new book is on its way!

My current favourite fabric is the Downton Abbey range - I just made a quilted cushion with varying shades of blue & green and started another using the Dowager Countess fabrics in purples! However I also saw very cool looking Quinton Blake fabrics...will have to see where you get them!

My favorite fabric is recycled. I love to quilt with linen, corduroy, cottons repurposed for the beauty of their worn imperfections. Your book looks very inspirational.

My favourite fabric is any voile or lawn, so light and soft! Congratulations on your latest book, Jane. I can't wait to see the quilts inside!

It has to be wool tweed, there's something about the feel and understated look I love.

Great! This has been sitting on my Amazon wish list where I keep checking its progress. Favourite fabric? Right now it's flannelette. It started with making pj pants and now I'm always on the lookout for great colours and patterns. I also have an obsession with thrift store/op shop or remnants of printed linen furnishing fabrics that has been going for too many years.

My favourite is Harris Tweed - practical and beautiful all at the same time

Tula Pink , Saltwater....I grew up and still live at the shore so it is like an extension of myself.

[email protected]

Holly Haines
East Coast usa

Congratulations! Since a child I have had a recurring dream of floating among different fabrics, smooth, soft, shiny and all different colors. At the moment I am researching cloth flour sacks that were used for quilts.

Ooo there are so many and I love a lot of them for so many different reasons and purposes! I'd go with all the Tana Lawn Liberty prints they are so beautiful...but then I've just remembered that many moons ago I bought some Emma, Laura Ashley fabric to make a dress and I notice they've brought that print back too and that made me smile!

Vintage feedsacks

Velvets, satins, silks. Yes, I'm working on a crazy quilt.

Very difficult to choose, as I am a quilter I have all sorts of fabrics. I particularly like to work with line, dots , and the taupe like Japanese fabrics. Thanks for a chance to win one of the new book. It looks very good.

Vintage linens printed with big flowers.

Almost an impossible question! I do like working with wool though, from tweeds to lightweight. Might have something to do with needing the qualities of wool though, living in the northwest of the UK!

For ease of sewing clothes, my favourite fabric, like so many others, is Liberty's Tana lawn. Linen is also a favourite, in fact I love making garments out of almost any natural fabric, even silk if it is one that has some body and is not too slippery. Also when making things like curtains or cushion covers for my home, natural fabrics are usually easier to handle and sew. I have done very little quilting, but have done some patchwork, usually using Laura Ashley prints with paper templates (going back a few decades here).

I love anything by Anna Maria Horner - her deep saturated colours and patterns are so beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of your book.

Silk; I love the feel of it, and the brilliant colours and patterns.

One type of fabric? I'd have to go with jersey. It's so soft and stretchy and versatile. But when it comes to a piece of fabric, I still wish I'd bought more of the Liberty knitting print cotton. That was so cool. It would have made an excellent quilt. Congrats on the book!

Anything by Anna Maria Horner - the saturated colour palette is amazing. I particularly love her new Dowry line -tangle in Lavender is stunning!

My favourite is any old, worn fabric that tells a story(even if I don't really know what that story is). Darns and repairs make it even more special and I also love the stamps and letters that were put on Laundry...

Favourite = Markimekko cottons, I have some that is forty years old and going strong. Emailing from BC Canada.

The book looks lovely (altho I know we shouldn't judge it by it's cover!). I'm still learning about quilting, and also trying to learn about the impact of different fabrics/yarns.

Current favourite fabric is hand woven (by me) using a merino/silk yarn. It's drapey, soft and warm.

My favourite fabric is denim. It looks good at all stages from brand new and dark to holey and almost white with age and wear. There is almost nothing it doesn't go with. It can be found in every price range to suit any budget. It really is the most universal and democratic of fabrics.

Cottons with food related prints are the favourite at the moment. I was making aprons for Christmas, one printed with beer bottles, the other with Popsicles.

Barkcloth all the way!

Liberty Lawn fabrics are gorgeous, but I also love a big, bold, brashy floral, preferably with roses on it!
I can't go by stripes either... especially a nice French looking one.

So excited that your book is finally published! I love vintage rayon and have a small but swishy collection of dresses made from it.

I love all the Amy butler fabrics

Love your books! I love flannel in the winter and cotton in the summer.

I like using fabric from items I already have around the house. I'm currently collecting fabric to make a baby quilt for my 4 month old son John Robert. I am using his daddy's old cotton work shirts and cutting out squares of pale blues and pinks on pinstripe and plain to make a really personalised quilt. My husband is happy too as not only are we upcycling the fabric but he also gets new replacement shirts for work. Everyone's a winner!

I love linen. How it looks when it is fresh and new. How it creases with use. And how, after months, years of touching, it acquires that softness that only comes after you've lived with it. I have a bed quilt I made from a taupe linen with big panels of a French Provence linen print and hand quilted with simple lines. I love the feel if it, it comforts me. Love the look of the book. I have just been given a whole load of high quality home dec fabrics. I would love some inspiration on how to use them.

Silk, for its feel, drape, texture, opulence and vibrancy of colour.

Presently my favorite fabrics are Anna Maria Horner's Field Study line. I have a bunch just waiting for me to finish the quilts I'm working on right now, and then I'm going to whip a big snowball quilt out of them (with lots of text fabric drifting around the snowballs so it looks like a naturalist's journal with illustrations). I have another quilt drifting around in my head based on one of the fabrics and a lot of the rest of my stash . . . clearly the fabric line is yelling quilt me!

I love your last quilt book, and your knitting book and my copy of the Gentle Art of Domsesticity is falling apart, so I would love to win this one (though I will likely buy it anyway).

Hello Jane and many congratulations on yet another book I will be getting for myself. My daughter is quilting a small lap quilt she put together using your advice from your first quilt book. It was so helpful to her to have your words about doing what she liked not having things be a certain way and letting fabric tell you what it wants to be. Thank you for that.

My wo favorites that come to mind are damask, silk and cotton especially and I quite like Liberty tana lawn as well.

Ruthanne in Seattle

I absolutely love velveteen. I just want to stroke it!

My favourite fabric is a white cotton with wonderful swimming ladies on it - they have blue or orange swimming suits (50s style) and matching swimming hats. It has been used for a dress, the lining to a bag and a replacement pocket for my husbands jeans. All looked great (or so I thought!).

Liberty tana lawn. Washes wonderfully, irons up a treat and lasts forever

I love linen, voile and fabrics with a texture... but my favourite just has to be DENIM!!

Crisp white cotton ♥ Love it and love your blog ♥

I love any batik fabric - so versatile and beautiful to just look at! That's why my stash is so large!

My favourite fabric at the moment (like everything else, it changes) is cotton sashiko fabric. I live in Japan and you can by this dark blue cotton with the embroidery lines printed on it already. The waves is my favourite design.

So looking forward to your new book. It's very hard to choose just one fabric but I'll go for the shantung silk from Liberty that I made my wedding dress from.

Hello again Jane

Recently I was given some cerise patterned silk material.
Sentimental as the giver was my 87 year best friend and the age of the piece must be 60 years old itself !
Inspiration will come from your latest book which I am sure will enhance the creation of a unique quilt !

best wishes
Ali Fergusson

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