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January 19, 2014


My favorite fabric is cotton. So soft!

Thanks for the opportunity to win this book, I will wait to order in case I am a winner. The book looks like it will be so much fun and is so pretty to look at.

I have some lovely Amy Butler fabric languishing in my bottom drawer just waiting to be used.

Liberty Cotton for me!

I'm echoing another commenter when I say my favorite is Liberty Tana Lawn. It makes me smile every single time I see it. I'm looking forward to another of your wonderful, inspiring books.

Hi Jane, please don't send me the book because it'll be arriving chez moi at the end of the week ! I just wanted to congratulate you. can't wait to read it and admire the photos ! xxxx from Echevronne, Christine.

PS, my favourite fabric at the moment is deeeeeeep red velvet !

Well, I love shot silk in all it's shimmery, luxurious beauty. But recently, I've been much more homely and bought some fab brushed cotton in funky patterns to make stuff for my kids. I guess my princess days are over!

My favorite fabric is the one with any of the Charlie Harper designs.

old soft used linen!

Silk organza - smooth, sculptural and it leaves nowhere to hide.

Believe it or not, denim is my all-time favorite--all different colors and weights. I love it for furniture and quilts, as it is a neutral (and durable) canvas for whatever season and color!

Believe it or not, denim is my all-time favorite--all different colors and weights. I love it for furniture and quilts, as it is a neutral (and durable) canvas for whatever season and color!

Tana lawn from Liberty. Needlecord comes a close second. Looking forward to seeing the new book, whenever it is released!

For quilting I love brushed cottons, for bags Japanese woven or wool. The book looks lovely!

I have been having a fling with weathered chambray ...something about all those old pinnies is so seductive! I must have been below stairs in a previous life.

Am thoroughly enjoying reading about everyone's favorite fabric. A soft flannel will always make me feel good, but that might be the -20 degree wind chill talking! Black & white polka dots can be very elegant looking.

So hard to decide on a favourite fabric, but I think it could possibly be fine linen, the kind that was used for white work in my grandmother's time. So, fine white linen with beautiful embroidery is my favourite! Your book looks beautiful and I'd love to have a copy!

I am in love with Liberty's Tana Lawn (both the prints and the substrate), but their cost and rarity mean that I am terrified to cut into the tiny stack that I have... One day, I will be brave!

I love calico because it is so versatile!

Batik fabrics, love all the bright colours!

My favourite fabric?
I get a thrill from Kaffe's red Roman Glass (so luscious and cheerful), and Linton Tweeds are like works of art which draw you in again and again to discover more excitement.
I've really enjoyed "The Gentle Art of Quilt Making" and can't wait to be introduced to "Quilt Me".

Trying to pick a favourite fabric brings back wonderful memories of my Aunt Kitty who had a fabric shop. She encouraged my sewing attempts from an early age. I loved the feel of material especially the sumptuousness of velvet..when I made a skirt in navy velvet I felt very grown up

I love printed cotton flannel. It's so soft. I especially like salvaging printed cotton flannel baby receiving blankets from thrift shops.

The new book looks amazing - and that's just the cover!!
My favorite fabric is an old cotton blend in psychedelic colors that I made a shirt out of in 8th grade home ec class back a longggggg time ago!

It looks like a beautiful book! My favorite fabric is jacquard weaves, especially in natural fibers.

Congratulations, the book looks lovely. The cover and your description even tempt me to . . . make another quilt! (Finally, after several years.) My favorite fabric - a worn. thick cotton sheet that has developed almost a brushed cotton surface.

Glazed Cotton chintz, the sort that feather eiderdowns were made from, I have recollections of my sister and I sleeping under one at Grannies, but not seen one anywhere in ages. Don't know if you can still get buy it here but I do have a small bundle of glazed Dutch cottons from Den Haan & Wagenmakers brought at the FoQ, and I plan to make a centre patchwork panel from them and surround them with several borders, and then it wll be backed with some "over the top "floral Sanderson Chintz from a pair of curtains rescued from a local charity shop.


Congratulations on the new book! My favourite fabrics are Liberty prints, also I love African prints and batik.

When I started sewing eight years ago, I bought some Echino fabric from Kokka that I loved so much. It's still my favorite because when I look at it, I remember how excited I was back then to learn how to sew.
Congratulations on the book! On a related note, I was happy to see recently at our local library just outside of Boston, a nice display of your Clever Concepts books in the children's section.

Favorite currently manufactured fabric: Liberty Tana Lawn. But in general I love old, well-worn, well-washed cotton, like an old bedsheet.

It's so hard to pick just one favourite, right now I'm making clothes for my child in corduroy by Stenzo and it's lovely and brightly coloured, but if I had to pick, wool suiting fabric and raw linen. Thank you for the giveaway and congratulations on the new book!

congrats on the book, looks lovely

Fav fabric is silk, it just looks and feels so good

I like tartans! I am fascinated with the patterns and colors and histories!

Being married to a Scotsman...It wpuld have to be Tartan for me all the way. Congratualtions on your new book Jane and Happy New Year.
Sue Garner x

Love Anna Maria Horner prints!

I love a bargain, so I get very excited about any second hand duvet covers or sheets that I can get lots of pieces cut out from. I try to get 100 per cotton if possible.

Linen. Crisp, white, smooth linen. I have miles of it (so may not miles... but many yards of it... inherited from an aunt who worked in a mill in Belfast. It was a gift when she left and I have mentally embroidered sheets, pillows, table runners, table clothes... and have yet to put a needle to it. I thrill with the possibilities. Every scrap in the sewing boxes will find their way into a quilt or project... but not the linen. Not yet...

I've just discovered Kaffe Fasset like Persian Vase hidden in a corner of my local fabric shop. I love the colours and strong designs. Thank you to Lisa Prior for pointing me in the direction of your site, I love quilting but only have time for small projects at the moment.

I don't really have a favorite fabric, just any good quality quilting cotton that catches my eye and sets my fingers to twitching. Thanks for the chance to win a book. I love your other quilting book. It inspired two of my quilts this past year ;)
PS I wish you would let us comment more often ;)

Silk gazar,
it sounds a little like bizarre but it's what I made my wedding 'skirt' from.
A light, papery, optic white, with a wonderful lustre. Beautiful.....
The skirt was great,
(shame about the marriage :-()

I am a big fan of dots of all kinds, usually 100% cotton.
I am also a big fan of the floral embroidered table cloths used for background in your Vintage Cake book and on this blog as well. Is this work included in any of your books? Or is it vintage? I just discovered you, such a lovely find!

Congratulations on the new book! My favourite fabric is Harris tweed from the land of my ancestors.

Congratulations on the publication of your new book. I just love your eye for colour and lyrical prose.

Favourite fabric? Oh, that's a hard one. There are so many fabulous fabrics! I love the natural fibres - wool, silk and cotton and if pressed would have to choose linen as my favourite. You know, the Japanese linens with the whimsical designs. So tactile and lovely to sew.


Small-figured cotton calicos from Reproduction Fabrics of Bozeman, Montana. :)

Hi Jane

My favourite fabric is cotton gingham because it was the only fabric I felt confident using to make little bags and gifts for my three children when they were small and I could barely see straight with exhaustion from feeding them through the night but needed to be creative all the same! I knew that all I needed to do was follow the lines of the fabric and the result would be pleasing to the eye!

Your new book looks as fabulous as your others!

Kind regards, Ruth

Loving barkcloth! That weight and texture, and vibrant mid-century design - the lush tropos, and the spacey geometric patterns!

I'm a fabric newbie and so my choice lies with what I've used and loved ... which makes it flannel. Nightgowns, blankets, scarves, etc. Thank you for your generosity!

I do love cotton but if I could I would have everything done in linen; linen curtains, linen slipcovers, linen dresses, linen towels, linen bedding. Even my garden is full of flax; there is nothing more beautiful then a sea of tiny blue flowers waving in the breeze.
Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

My favourite fabrics are American homespun plaids checks and anything primitive x

Congratulations on the new book. I am not a quilter but love your writing and fabric. My favourite fabric to wear is linen or cotton, but like to collect colourful printed cottons for that day when I decide to make my first quilt!

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