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January 13, 2014


One recipe not to try then............

Now I feel better - I usually throw mine out of the freezer too - probably in September! Thank you.

There is a very good recipe in Nigella Bites for orange ice cream made with Seville oranges.

I wonder if you could do something like an orange curd or a sour orange sorbet with them. I just looked at the Wikipedia page for Seville oranges (bitter oranges). You could use the juice as the acid in a vinaigrette probably too. Here we have kumquats, which are orange the size/shape of large olives that you eat skin and all - they have a lot of pucker power. Recipes for those might give ideas for how to use the Seville oranges too.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'd already found the ice cream recipe and had considered making orange curd, but the paint-stripping acid levels in Seville oranges make me think both would be nicer made with sweet or blood oranges.

I think you might be right Jane. I usually make the ice cream with sweet oranges and lime.

It's only marmalade in our house. I make loads for family and friends, and for fundraising at school.

I love marmalade but only eat it in bed and breakfasts or hotels...I hardly ever eat toast and marnalade at home though I would like to...I fear I'd never stop. But I keep some nice OXford marmalade in the fridge for occasional use in cakes etc and the odd bit of toast...maybe I'll have a slice for breakfast tomorrow.

Years ago I found a recipe for marmalade in the handbook to my then new Kenwood chef, in which the oranges, sans pips, are chopped up in water before simmering for an hour or so, then adding the sugar and boiling to a set. It makes a delicious tasting marmalade, but not a particularly pretty one, and is a bit quicker than chopping peel by hand. I made some yesterday, as I adore the stuff, and also give a jar or two to my mother-in-law, as she (aged 92) no longer makes her own. Quantities are 1 kilo of oranges,1 lemon, 2 litres of water, 2 kilos of sugar.

I'm not a great one for Nigella but that Seville orange ice-cream mentioned above is, in fact, stupendously good. So good that a friend said it was the best ice-cream she'd ever had. Seriously delicious.

And the marmalade I made with frozen Sevilles turned out to be the most successful ever. Just bought a new load to freeze so I can indulge my marmalade-making craving come September...

A suggestion from the immensely knowledgable Jane Grigson is to add a squeeze of Seville orange to freshly cooked spinach, just before serving. It livens up the flavour wondrously.

I make masses of marmalade every year using the River Cottage Handbook recipe (the sliced fruit method, not the whole fruit one). Personally I adore the bitterness and almost medicinal aroma that comes off Sevilles. Demerara, rather than white sugar, makes all the difference, preferably an unrefined one. It adds a faint toffeish flavour which tempers the bitterness, but does not make it too sweet.

I was about to suggest the Nigella Seville Orange (known as 'several' oranges in our house!) ice cream but see I have been beaten to it!

You need Vin d'orange!

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