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January 15, 2014


This is amazing! I love stained glass, but didn't think I was a fan of anything post Burne-Jones, but I am converted!

amazon (us) has a new publication date for "quilt me" and it's today! so why haven't they sent a "on it's way email"? so hard to be patient.

Given your Bristol connections you may already know about All Saints, Clifton and its John Piper windows - made of fibre glass - but if not it's worth a google.

Beautiful windows! It's often with age that we start to appreciate things we dismissed in our early years. You were so lucky to be able to have a look at the windows again.

i love the allusion in your post title to a favorite scripture of mine. and i enjoy your fresh, "uneducated" eye for stained glass that judges simply on what you personally like.

so happy you've turned on comments again!

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