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February 02, 2014


We were on our semi-annual visit to friends in Bramhall last weekend and discovered the fantastic air raid shelters in the tunnels below Stockport. The communal toilets were particularly fascinating to the younger members of the party. This now ties with the Hat Works Museum as top place to visit!

Oh Goodness! I live in Stockport and Crowther Street is one I admire every time I pass. i always think it's such a shame that unless you get out and have a jolly good walk around, you miss so much of the lovlier parts of Stockport. I'm very fond of my adopted home town. x

Thank you for a lovely post about Stockport.
I used to work in Stockport and lived in Heaton Moor so I do recognise some of the places you photograph . I often walked around the place discovering all sorts of interesting things. Have you seen the gravestone with the woman's life measured in moons up by the market place? Also the fantastic vintage village events held every month in the market hall. Great fun and full of people who are enthusiastic about good old Stockport and want to keep it alive.
The fantastic Plaza cinema and it's amazing cafe are also something to shout about!

Not forgetting the well known Plaza steps which take you from Mersey Square up to Petersgate

Coming back again to say, I stand outside St Georges Church several times a day taking and collecting my children from school. It's a beautiful church.

I have never been to Southport -what stunning urban architecture!

I've been 'doing' Stockport with a group of friends after discovering how much there is to do there. We've visited Staircase House, the Hat Museum, the air raid shelters, and eaten at the Plaza and Lord of the Pies! There's still more to do too.

... even steps with chicken pocks...

When you were naming the different types of steps it reminded me of the Oscar Mayer commercial a few years ago that named off all the different types of children that loved hot dogs and at the end ... even kids with chicken pocks love hot dogs... made me laugh!

Nice pictures and information, thanks for sharing.

There's a lot to be said for exploring a place properly - getting out of the car, getting out of the town centre and down those alleys and by-ways. Perhaps even just looking around you - remembering that up and down have treasures as well as eye level. I've just done that in Welshpool where I now live - another place which, if you speed though is dull and dreary but full of treasures if you stop and look.

I came to Stockport (Heaton Moor) in the early 70's when 'the precinct' was fairly new and Stopfordians were oh-so-proud of their brand new centre. In retrospect though what opportunities were lost covering up the river and obliterating a characterful part of town? (Admittedly there were probably sound reasons for doing this!) Will we look back nostagically at Merseyway in 50 years time? Somehow I doubt this anodyne concrete centre will stand the test of time.

Ah, Stockport. My hometown. Like you, I'm a Stockport Girl living down South and I've loved the frequent pictures of the old place on here. Thank you.
When I go up to visit my mum (a Reddish girl like you), I wonder why I couldn't see the beauty in any of it until I left. Still, it's a great place and lots to show my kids: the market hall, the museum, the Pennines and our favourite pit-stop: The Blackshaw Cafe near the market. Lovely.

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