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February 12, 2014


we are getting ready for a serious blizzard here on the East Coast of the United States. Last storm took out our power for four days. We also ran out of the propane that heats our house. It was a bit nippy in the house, but the dog loved it.


Oh, Jane, not to make light of the overabundance of rain where you are, but I wish we could have just a small share of it here in California. Imagine having only less than 5 inches in over a year! New wellies have not been purchased, umbrellas disappeared, raincoats grown out of and forgotten, water rationing made official..... a swap is what's called for: a large amount of rain from you and we'll happily hand over a thorough drying out session paired with sunshine!

Stay dry. We hear that things are pretty dicey for you all. This is truly a lovely and happy picture. ~Kelly

We have wind and rain storms up north, no flooding though thankfully.

Lovely post.

All underwater where I am (the kitchen), but I think you'll be fine if you stay in the lounge.

Lovely stall! We're lucky not to be flooded but know of others here in the south west who have not been so fortunate. Forecast looks crazy for next few days...am looking forward to half term when we can stay inside, warm and cosy for a few days and hope it all goes away. I really do hope you stay dry and flood free x

I live in the USA and have been aware of the awful flooding in the UK. I just keep wondering when help will arrive. Surely you have some reserve troops (like our National Guard) that can begin dredging or establishing a pumping system of some kind. I feel so terrible when I see the awful pictures online. The devastation is incredible and from what I'm reading, nothing is being done. How can that be in this day and age?

Yes, the pictures that come across to us are quite dismal. I hope some of the Government people get their act together and do something for you all to help alleviate this mess.
We've suffered through well below zero temps or 2 weeks plus heavy, heavy snows but nothing is worse than a flood to ruin everything.

So sorry for the flooding around you, Jane. I was snowbound for four days in Boring, OR, at the base of Mt. Hood, Fri.-Mon., which was inconvenient but not devastating as flooding and other disasters can be.
During my snowbound time I was able to download TAOD, and am enjoying reading it. Thanks for creating it and making the UK version readily available. I want to post a quote from it on my blog, because I do so appreciate your observations. xx

Luckily we are on high ground, but not far from Chertsey or Shepperton, where it is pretty bad.

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